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Bot support : Please explain points decline.

Expat GriZ

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Ticket ID: 358


Priority: Low


Hello! I apologize in advance for the n00b question. However I have read through pretty much all the info and can\'t seem to find a reason why total points that are awarded seem to decrease with time? Do you have to bench constantly to \"maintain\" your ranking? Most of us are not full time benchers and have mundane tasks to perfom like job, family etc. In my case I work all over the world and can\'t physically hump all my gear with me. I get home and have a limited time to enjoy this hobby. I\'ve put up a few initial scores to see how I compare but when I go back and check they are definetly on the decrease. Could someone please explain this situation & the reasoning behind it.\r\n\r\nRegards,\r\nGriZ

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