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Bug reports : The Pentium 2 266 and 300MHz Bug!


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Ticket ID: 369


Priority: Medium


Hello gentlemans,\r\n\r\nthe problem is as follow:\r\n\r\nIf you are exteremly overclocked a Pentium 2 266/300MHz, the Level 2 Cache don\'t accurately work. The result is, that CPUZ can not read the the volume of the Level 2 Cache.\r\nThe Celeron with Covington Core don\'t have any Level 2 Cache. That is the reasen why CPUZ displayed it is a Celeron 266/300MHz.\r\n\r\nThe Covington Core is only build in a Celerons with 266MHz and 300 MHz. The Stepping of this CPUs is only \"DA0\" and \"DA1\". All other CPUs are not really a Celeron with Covington core but a Pentium 2 with Klamath (\"C0\", \"C1\", build in 350nm) or Deschutes (250nm). \r\n\r\nCeleron:\r\nhttp://processorfinder.intel.com/List.aspx?ParentRadio=All&ProcFam=49&SearchKey=\r\n\r\nPentium 2:\r\nhttp://processorfinder.intel.com/List.aspx?ParentRadio=All&ProcFam=47&SearchKey=\r\n\r\n\r\nBUT there are Pentium 2 300MHz in DA1, too!!\r\ne.g. http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=787764\r\n\r\nRIBEIROCROSS use a Pentium 2 300MHz. Why? Because the CPUZ Validation betrayed us. In the field of Level 2 Cache you see \"kBytes\" but not a number. This comes only if it is not really a Celeron with Covington core.\r\n\r\nhttp://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=439718\r\n\r\nI hope you have me understand. I know that my english is not so good. \r\n\r\nThe categories must be delete as follow:\r\nhttp://hwbot.org/quickSearch.do?hardwareId=CPU_1891\r\nhttp://hwbot.org/quickSearch.do?hardwareId=CPU_1892\r\n\r\nand the entrys must be match to the right categories.\r\n\r\nThe entrys as follow:\r\nhttp://hwbot.org/quickSearch.do?hardwareId=CPU_1100\r\nhttp://hwbot.org/quickSearch.do?hardwareId=CPU_1101\r\n\r\nmust be search of entrys that are not really a Celeron and must be match to the right categories.\r\n\r\nIf you want, I can make a list of the wrong entrys and post it here :) to help you.

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