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HW Gurus is officially launched


Test plan is that next week or two days we achieve at least 2000 points for HW Gurus team, and it is not just about hardware points which proves by the fact that there is 5 x GTX 580 cards. During testing, there will be Perica_barii, Dekara, Quake, Gameaddict, dejobar, trut_bar, tonino2, Mare085. During the entire test we will be benching three separate systems with many hardwares, while at the same time will livestream with at least 3 cameras and simultaneous updating scores on forums. Our goal is to have fun, which is certainly the most important in this story, but also there is no easy benching :)




First of all, we would like to thank some sponsors who have supported us with some ofhardwares that was great help to us. ASUS primarily in supporting motherboards and lot of graphics cards, ECS in the boards. This is just one of many HW Gurus OC Week gatherings, as we are planing to expand this to a far higher level and hopefully we will get support from other manufacturers.








I hope you will follow us via livestream and we hope that we will not have many problems in terms of hardware:) Since we have a lot of hardware, we hope that we will tested all. How would you be interested, the following pictures are what we are going to test, best regards! :)







2x ASUS Geforce GTX 580 Matrix Platinum

1x ASUS Geforce GTX 570 DirectCU II

2x ASUS Radeon HD 5870 Matrix Platinum

1x ASUS Geforce GTX 460 TOP

1x ASUS Radeon HD 2900XT

1x ASUS Radeon X1950XTX


4x Geforce 8800GT

2x Geforce 8800GTS 320MB

1x Geforce 8800GTS 512MB

2x Geforce 8800GTS 640MB

5x Geforce 8800GTX

2x Geforce 9800GX2


3x MSI Geforce GTX 580 Lightning

1x EVGA Geforce GTX 285 Classified (lack of EVBot)

1x nVidia Geforce 8600GT

1x ATI Radeon HD 4870X2



3x Intel Core i7 990x

1x Intel Core i7 920

3x Intel Core i7 2600k

1x Intel Core i5 2500k

1x Intel Core i5 670

1x Intel Core 2 Duo E8600



2x 2x2GB G.Skill RipjawsX 2133MHz 8-9-8

1x 3x2GB Corsair Dominator GTX2 2250MHz

3x 3x2GB OCZ Blade 2000MHz 7-8-7

2x 2x2GB Transcend Axe Extreme 2400MHz 9-11-9



1x ASUS Rampage III Extreme Black Edition

1x ASUS Maximus IV Extreme (P67 rev. B2)

1x ASUS P8P67

1x ASUS P8P67 WS

1x ASUS Rampage Extreme

1x ASUS Commando

1x ECS P67H2-A Black Series

1x ECS P67H2-A2 Black Series

1x EVGA P55 Classified 200




2x Corsair AX1200W

1x Antec Truepower Quattro 1200W

1x Enermax Galaxy 1000W


img8194q.th.jpg img8202d.th.jpg img8206a.th.jpg


img8214k.th.jpg img8217q.th.jpgimg8218w.th.jpg

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A couple of days are behind us and we wanted to show you what we have managed to do:

Intel Core i7 920 D0

The processor have BCLK wall at 250MHz and don’t like to work without HT and two cores, so we had to keep all cores + HT on. Another thing is that it doesn’t like cold, -80 ° C maximum, everything below that is causing strange behavior of the system.


Super Pi 1M – 7.594s – 5256MHz @ 1.54v, NB 4756 @ 1.48v, RAM 2000MHz @ 7-7-6



Super Pi 32M – 6:58.078s – 5197MHz @ 1.54v, NB 4700 @ 1.48v, RAM 2000MHz @ 7-7-6



Pifast - 16.05 – 5257MHz @ 1.535v, NB 4756 @ 1.48v, RAM 2000MHz @ 7-7-6



Wprime 32M – 4.624s – 5197MHz @ 1.54v, NB 4700 @ 1.48v, RAM 2000MHz @ 7-7-6



Wprime 1024M – 149.125s – 5131MHz @ 1.54v, NB 4642 @ 1.48v, RAM 2000MHz @ 7-7-6



img8248b.th.jpg img8249p.th.jpg img8250u.th.jpg img8280s.th.jpg


Then we quickly run wPrime so we could know on what clocks we can run Intel Core i7 2600k


Wprime 32M – 4.399 – Intel 2600k @ 5591MHz, 1084MHz @ 7-7-7



Wprime 1024M – 137.498 – Intel 2600k @ 5591MHz, 1084MHz @ 7-7-7



img8224du.th.jpg img8225o.th.jpg img8226f.th.jpg



Zotac 8800GT 512MB

It worked over 130°C for about 6-7h of benching. On the card we did VGPU and OCP, but for memory we forgot to do. Day after we did that also but no help for memory frequency. Voltage card was around 1.45v, there was no OVP till 1.55V, but the cards at that voltage almost died. The memory on the card was very strange, everything above 1000MHz was on the edge of cracking (perhaps due to excessive cold). Vantage caused a lot of the problems. We benched it for about 3-4h but for some reason we were getting very low results. We tried Vista and 7, old, new drivers, factory clocks, practically everything, but it just didn’t worked.


3D Mark 2001 – 94402 – 8800GT @ 846/987/2106



3D Mark 2003 – 58788 – 8800GT @ 994/999/2430



3D Mark 2005 – 37673 – 8800GT @ 999/1053/2592



3D Mark 2006 – 22052 – 8800GT @ 999/1053/2592



3D Mark Vantage – 8750 – 8800GT @ 999/1044/2430



Aquamark – 391 121 – 8800GT @ 999/1053/2592



img8266yu.th.jpg img8268v.th.jpg img8273es.th.jpg img8285b.th.jpg img8294m.th.jpg




The card has a non-standard holes so we couldn’t mount the pot on the card, but we did put Megahalems cooler and the maximum temperature on the card was 30°C


3D Mark 2003 – 89902 – GTX 460 768MB @ 980/1090



3D Mark 2005 – 47913 – GTX 460 768MB @ 1000/1095



3D Mark 2006 – 33359– GTX 460 768MB @ 1050/1117



Aquamark – 401 774 – GTX 460 768MB @ 1032/1120



img8312o.th.jpg img8314m.th.jpg img8315x.th.jpg


ASUS DirectCu II GTX 570

All the time we had a problems with low results, namely HDR3.0 in 06, low Vantage and very low Nature scores. This morning we finally figured it out what the problem was (mbo), so that the results of the GTX 570 will definitely be improved, since the results should be okay in terms of perf with other motherboard. ASUS DirectCu II GTX 570 had a CB at -60 ° C, the maximum voltage was 1.213v, memory doesn’t like high frequency so we have been very limited.


3D Mark 2003 – 119499 – GTX 570 @ 980/1090



3D Mark 2005 – 49706 – GTX 570 @ 1164/1019



3D Mark 2006 – 38581 – GTX 570 @ 1148/1024



3D Mark Vantage – 30803 – GTX 570 @ 1106/1004



Aquamark – 417 227 – GTX 570 @ 1211/1024



img8274g.th.jpg img8275s.th.jpg img8276m.th.jpg img8297c.th.jpg


So far, that would be all. Currently we are running the GTX 570 and you can see all the progress live right now on http://www.livestream.com / hwgurus


A few photos and movies


sudionici.th.jpg setup1.th.jpg setup2dx.th.jpg setup3.th.jpg


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We tried that too, but no luck with R3E BE


We finally got lucky :) There was a lot of first places, a lot of 2nd, so it is the best for you to see the results. There was too much pictures to post it so we post just link for hwbot




We were messing up a bit with a 7900GT card which proved to be a failure. -20 and -50 there were no difference, vgpu was at 1.45v, and we worked in parallel with the 2900XT, which has spent a lot of horrible LN2. The results for this card is not the best, but again not too bad.


3D Mark 01 – 81017 – 7900GT @ 750/950 MHz – 4th place



3D Mark 03 – 32778 – 7900GT @ 755/955 MHz – 5th place



3D Mark 05 – 14465 – 7900GT @ 765/970 MHz – 10th place



3D Mark 06 – 8336 – 7900GT @ 760/980 MHz – 12th place



Aquamark – 221047 – 7900GT @ 760/963 MHz – 12th place





The card was spending a lot of LN2, A LOOOOOT, it was something terrible. For half a minute it will come from -60 to +10 if the pot is empty, so we spent too much LN2 on it. The results are not bad, but the card had CB at -80. VGPU was 1.65V, vmem at 2.45v, and the 2.5V VDDQ


3D Mark 01 – 110500 – 2900XT @ 1,117/1,125 MHz – 4th place



3D Mark 03 – 55676 – 2900XT @ 1,171/1,125 MHz – 4th place



3D Mark 05 – 36096 – 2900XT @ 1,158/1,107 MHz – 2nd place



3D Mark 06 – 17281 – 2900XT @ 1,050/999 MHz – 7th place



Aquamark – 324808 – 2900XT @ 1,144/1,089 MHz – 5th place




ASUS GTX 570 Direct Cu II

The card ran at -65 ° C because CB was a little below 65°C. We did not get any software or BIOS, which would move CB a little or a possibility for more voltage via smart doctor or GPU tweak, which were limited to 1.213v so this was the best we could do


3D Mark 01 – 126672 – GTX 570 @ 1,154/2,308/1,060 MHz – 1st place



3D Mark 03 – 139349 – GTX 570 @ 1,154/2,308/1,060 MHz – 2nd place



3D Mark 05 – 51225 – GTX 570 @ 1,154/2,308/1,024 – 2nd place



3D Mark 06 – 40654 – GTX 570 @ 1,154/2,308/1,060 MHz – 2nd place



3D Mark 11 – 8246 – GTX 570 @ 1,101/2,202/1,004 MHz – 3rd place



3D Mark Vantage – 126672 – GTX 570 @ 1,117/2,234/1,019 MHz – 8th place



Aquamark – 428877 – GTX 570 @ 1,190/2,380/1,071 MHz – 2nd place



Unigine Heaven – 1684.51 – GTX 570 @ 1,070/2,140/1,004 MHz – 7th place





Here things really started to get better. The card ran at -120 ° C, vgpu was 1.6V and the memory at 2.15V. With the card, we took three 1st places and one 2nd place.


3D Mark 01 – 99789 – 8800GTX @ 792/999 MHz – 25. place (out of LN2)



3D Mark 03 – 67549 – 8800GTX @ 945/2,106/1,269 MHz – 1st place



3D Mark 05 – 38021 – 8800GTX @ 945/2,052/1,269 MHz – 1st place



3D Mark 06 – 23322 – 8800GTX @ 972/1,998/1,188 MHz – 2nd place



Aquamark – 403925 – 8800GTX @ 999/2,052/1,269 MHz – 1st place




Intel Core i7 2600k

In addition, we did some wPrime results with other 2600k processor.

Wprime 32M - 4sec 265ms – Intel Core i7 2600k @ 5,654MHz – 48th place



Wprime 1024M - 135sec 155ms – Intel Core i7 2600k @ 5,659MHz – 48th place


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