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2 till 3 Gold cups in 1 Category?

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short question? Why is in one category 2 or 3 Gold, Silver and Bronze Cups ?


New points arrangement????


This category for example




Gold for


OCPerformance (Xpert-OC-Team) real Nummer 1

doublee (Guru3D) is Nummer 5

dark destroyer (DevHardware) is Nummer 6



Silver for



Drazendead (JMax-Hardware) real Number 2

DoubleE (XtremeSystems) only Number 5

Vediovis (H.O.T. (Hellas O/C Team)) only Number 21




Bronze for


PCGH_Carsten (PC Games Hardware) real Number 3

stealth (H.O.T. (Hellas O/C Team)) only Number 22



Got Double points


DoubleE (XtremeSystems)

doublee (Guru3D)


Same Score und Hardware


Processor: Athlon 64 4600+ X2 ... @ 2760mhz no image

Videocard: GeForce 7800 GS @ 695/740mhz [#2 GeForce 7800 GS in 3Dmark 2006]

Global Rank: not in top 1000, not ranked yet, or not the best result with this hardware of this user.

Hardware Rank: 2nd GeForce 7800 GS - 3.4 points

Description: 7800 GS+ @ 695/1480, X2 4600+ @ 2.76GHz, all on air, 3500LL pro 2.5-3-3-7, FSB 251

Verfication: link to forumpost screenshot

Scan date: 08-08-2006 02:09

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