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x86 vs x86-64

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The difference inbetween the 32bit and 64bit athlons is sometimes massive. The rankings though, don't all have the accurate 64bit markings on there CPU, this mostly applys to the Sempron catogory. There are scores "verified as correct by a moderator" that clearly say x86-64 in the screenshot, and are under the 32bit rankings. Personally i know of a few scores that are AM2 as well and still fall under the old 64 or stock scores, thus pushing olderhardware out of there own rankings. Is anything planned for AM2 ranking alone, so that the old ranking for Sempron and Athlon64 have there own space, having memory run near twice as fast as the old stuff it really improves scores, and really pushes the old hardware out of there spots.


Could anyone let me know what going on in the system so i can find out when any updatefor AM2 and any moderation for 64bit vs 32bit scores.

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