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Atom 230 vs z500 - wrong class submissons?

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One member of my team has submitted a score with the Atom 230 cpu. All atempts so far at editing his forum post makes the bot scan identify it as a z500 cpu.


To try and see what are wrong with the syntax I went through all Atom 230 entries I could find, and even a fair number of Z500 submissions.


I actually can't see what are wrong with the syntax in my teammates post, but that ain't the point of this post either. What I would like is for someone to explain to me why so many Atom 230 cpus are identified and even manually submitted as Z500 cpus? There seems to be need for a cleanup in the Z500 class, unless these two cpu's are the same...


Sorry if this is confusing. Hope some mod can look into it.

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