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Help with Asus Rampage II Gene/CG5290/DP_MB BIOS


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Good evening.


Motherboard manufacturer and model : Asus rampage ii gene/cg5290/dp_mb

-bios revision : 2011.02.21 (cg5290)/ 2011.10.10 (gene)

-bios type : Ami

-bios slic : Asus slic 2.1

-bios link : dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/Desktop/CG5290/RampageII-GENE-ASUS-CG5290-1401.zip (cg5290)/ dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1366/RampageII_Gene/RampageII-ASUS-GENE-1701.zip (gene)


I'm looking for help: The original bios of this motherboard doesn't support features that a full-fledged Rampage II Gene does, like SLi or RAID.

It's possible to add those features to the original bios? Or to actually flash the bios of the full gene to the cg5290?


Any help will come in handy and greatly appreciated.

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Found a way to solve the issue:

1: Download the HP Bootable USB Utility from here: rapidshare.com/files/107282064/HPUSBFW.zip

2: Download the Boot Files from here: rapidshare.com/files/107282214/USB-Boot.zip

3: Download the bios of your choice from Asus: support.asus.com/download/download_item_dna.aspx?product=1&model=Rampage%20I I%20Gene&SLanguage=en-us&os=25

4: Download AFUDOS Engineering Version here: rapidshare.com/files/107282483/AFUDOS236ES.zip

5: Run the HP Bootable USB Utility and tick the "Create a DOS Startup Disk" option. Now navigate to the Boot Files (extract them first) and select the Folder you extracted them to.

6: Click "Start" within the HP Bootable USB Utility and it will make your USB Stick bootable.

7: Extract the AFUDOS of your choice (I personally used v2.29ES) to the USB Stick along with the bios you wish to flash and a backup bios for your board (located on the Asus Support site) so you can flash back if the need arises.

8: Reboot your system and press F8 when the splash screen appears to select the boot menu. Once the boot menu has loaded navigate to the USB Stick and hit Enter.

9: Once the DOS Prompt is ready, type the following to flash to the Rampage Bios (Example uses Bios RAMPAGE~1.ROM): Code: AFUDOS /iRAMPAGE~1.rom /pbnc /n To flash any other bios, or even back to a Maximus / P5E bios just use the following: Code: AFUDOS /i**INSERT*BIOS*FILENAME*HERE** /pbnc /n Wait for it to flash and power cycle your computer. The first boot takes a while to post since your BIOS settings will need to be reconfigured. You will instantly notice your CPU fan is running MUCH faster. To fix that, turn on fan control in the BIOS and set it to silent. MAKE SURE TO ONLY USE A RAMPAGE II GENE BIOS.

Thanks to Mr. stasio

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