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Russian Overs Team 3 year old celebration (Moscow 26.09.09-27.09.09)

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On the 26th-27th of September there was a bench session for the reason that it was the third birthday of the team “Russian overclockers“. This event took place with support of the companies AMD, HIS and the shop X-Memory. There were benchers from different Russian towns: 12, HowToPlay,Lelik9, Alexxx650. And also there were benchers from Moscow: Sergey13, Mayk, Smoke, Droni4, Dr.Dat, Choco13, Glavir.

Nazar from the team PURE also visited this celebration.

There were installed 3 bench stands on which members overclocked the best videocards and CPU during these 2 days. After having worked hard 2 days the team again took the 5th place in the world.

The team thanks its sponsors: the companies AMD, HIS and the shop X-Memory.


Used hardware:


4 i950 from Xmemory.ru

3 Evga Classified 760

lot of Radeon 4890 (4 from HIS and other from Xmemory.ru)

2 Radeon 4870x2 from Xmemory.ru

Radeon 5870 from AMD

PSU TT1500wt from our special guest Nazar :)

100L of LN2


And of cource many liters of beer and vodka (yes... sometimes we were sharing one bottle of vodka for all of us :) )

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