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2nd OC extreme workshop

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Well, we got the stuff for the workshop and it will be in Intel's office in Argentina :D

Also we have the support of Gigabyte Argentina, Kingston, Satellite and a lot of Intel processor


Some pics:


th_20091023205159_Imagen322.jpg th_20091023203846_Imagen186.jpg


Core i750 the first ones to get to our country (officially)


th_20091023205241_Imagen318.jpg th_20091023204000_Imagen319.jpg


Gigabyte P55-UD6 and Gigabyte P55 UD3


th_20091023205332_Imagen321.jpg th_20091023203852_Imagen201.jpg


Powersupplies Satellite SL-X1000EPRs de 1000w!!


th_20091023203852_Imagen201.jpg th_20091023203926_Imagen273.jpg


Kits Kingston Hyperx 1800Mhz


th_20091023203907_Imagen228.jpg th_20091023203934_Imagen287.jpg


And some pics of our warm up.

Tomorrow we'll try to obtain some latin american's record :D.

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