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Bug reports : Result Switching Categories


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Ticket ID: 647


Priority: Low




This happened last night and I put it down to user error, I was uploading some CPU results and used the "prepopulate fields by previous submission"?


Then it's happened again today - http://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/geforce_7600_le?tab=hall%20of%20fame I uploaded an 01 score for this card, it showed up fine, an hour or so later I had the boints for it.


Then, I added the 03 result, it uploaded fine but this time, the 01 result has changed to an 03 result also, as you can see it's messed up. I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing my end or a problem with the site and the prepopulate fields function, could be worth looking into it.




EDIT: Just deleted the 01 score from the 03 category and re submitted without using the prepopulate, and submitted an 05 without prepopulate and they have both worked ok as far as I can see. Definately an issue with the prepopulate function.

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