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xiaotonggua - GeForce 9400 GT DDR2 - 5861 marks 3DMark06


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Compare yours to mine: http://hwbot.org/submission/2257375_


1) I have a better CPU clocked over 600MHz faster.


2) My GPU core clock is 883Mhz, yours is 750Mhz


3) My GPU shader clock is 2000Mhz, yours is 1875Mhz


4) My GPU memory clock is 648Mhz, your is 525Mhz


5) You have no picture for proof and no verification URL


It is not possible that your score be so high. There is no way you can have a better score than me. I have tried to beat your score for months with all sorts of combinations of coolers, frequencies, CPUs, etc. There is simply no way. Take this fake score off. I can't find where your score is wrong, but I know it can't be right. I have reported this.

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