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xiaotonggua - GeForce 9400 GT DDR2 - 5861 marks 3DMark06


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Please consider this data thoroughly. A single picture does not fix his credibility.

Please consider:

1) His benchmark was in Windows 7 while better performance exists in Windows XP.

2) He has not submitted a single other 9400GT sumission. Why would he not take my other 9400GT medals from me if he could?

3) His CPU overclock is not very good and neither is his video card overclock.4) His score is not physically possible given his clocks and operating system.


Please do some research on this and compare all other 9400GT 3dmark06 submissions.

You can view my discussion with others about this issue here:http://www.evga.com/forum...amp;mpage=305 The discussion starts mid-way down on that page.


Myself and others can only come to 3 conclusions for this obviously fake result

1) He has used much higher clocks and different cooling than he is claiming but lowered the clocks for the screenshot and is claiming worse cooling than what he actually used.

2) This 3dmark06 run was 'bugged'.

3) He has photoshopped the screenshot to show a higher score than he actually got. Please seriously consider this and look at the evidence.


I think if you really dig into this, you will see that it is not possible that he received the score he is claiming.

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