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Split some graphics cards depending on bus


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Good evening,



I've been working lately with some old AGP graphics cards, to see how well do I fare in a completely CPU bottleneck free platform, and where the processor clocks aren't as important as in other platforms.


Well, to my surprise, when submitting scores some of the cards I work with don't discrimine between 64 or 128bit bus widths.


On newer PCI Express cards this doesn't pose that much of a threat, but on AGP that memory bus width can (and does) affect performance quite a lot.


For instance, take this FX5200 submission I made:




I ran the card to the clocks that gave me the best performance (305/500 - 250 DDR).


Now look at, for instance, this submission here:




He gets more than 2000 points more, while running at remarkably lower clocks.



The only difference between our cards is the bus. He has a 128bit-wide bus while I run a 64-bit narrow bus.


What I mean is, there is no contest for 64bit card users if there are 128 bit versions, because with little effort, a 128 bit card can easily score a 30% more points than a 64bit one overclocked to hell and beyond.




Thanks for your understanding!

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