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AloneWolf - Radeon HD 6770 @ 910/1375MHz - 6811 marks 3DMark11 - Entry


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That CPU is weak for anything modern. It is way removed and inferior to your CPU.


The entire system is way dated and trying to run CPU based physics on that CPU will kill the score.


Funny thing is the link you provided was even a different GPU. The simple solution is to rerun the benchmark with one card and link the proper 3DMark verification.

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I ain't worried about it. They can kick mine if they want but at least they can verify things from my link. I did not cheat or make separate runs and combine. There was no tweaking it was done by some ASUS software and until I post a review that I have written it stays for at least a week. I have a system that has cards in and out all the time. So if it gets kicked I may do it. I am saying that your score can not even be verified because you posted an illegitimate link.


Here is one that was a tad slower on the CPU side without the ASUS software: http://3dmark.com/3dm11/2811613

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