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XP process tweaking & general OC'ing


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So, I'm fairly new to this tweaking side of overclocking and I was wondering...

How much can one achieve in terms of stability and performance by disabling processes of Windows XP?

And what are the bare minimum processes for the system to run all benches (3Dmarks, wprime & superpi)?

And then the question about TEC (peltier).

I have 80W TEC, which uses 8-16V input voltage. So I thought I'd give it a go in my rig just to see how much further I could push my E5200 with aircooling...

Any reason why I shouldn't try this to my rig?


As a man with 3 children and a wife, I have very limited time to mess around with my system ;)

So any reasonable hints and tips are more than welcome :D

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If you only have one PC in the house, then you should not be tweaking and clocking IMHO


EDIT: That sounded negative... what I mean is... if you have only one PC in the house you must have a means of data recovery for tweaking, drivers and OS install disk handy, in case something goes wrong (a disk image will guarantee your down time is minimal)


For overclocking, especially playing around with alternate cooling setups, one should really have a second PC handy incase something goes wrong.

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My intention is to install XP on to a secondary HDD (80GB pata disk) and keep my Win7 Ultimate install on a separate disk.

So if (read when) I mess up XP installation, I can just reinstall it with out any loss of important data.

And for daily use I can keep the W7 install running.

Laptop is the second system, so this rig is mainly for my personal amusement :)

E5200 (R0), Abit IP35 Pro, Transcend 2x1GB ddr2-800 cl5-6-6-18 kit, Sapphire HD 4770 flashed to ASUS TOP model.

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