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What's up with the Pentium 4 'D' 805 boints in CPU-Z?

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A couple of things observed:

1. In CPU-Z ranking my score of 4931 mhz is ranked lower than Titons in points, yet in the ranking it is recognized as being higher


2. It doesn't seem the boints are awarded for global CPU-Z ranking here? For example, maxxxpct's 6 Ghz screenshot ranks him top 30 in CPU-Z hall of fame, which means around 20 boints, doesn't it? Yet the boints are not there.


If I have missed something important here, sorry for troubling ya :)

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If I have missed something important here, sorry for troubling ya :)

Ok, just go it: global ranking points are awarded only for one score per user whichever hardware has been used, right? So, if I post a 6 Ghz screen with a Pentium, and a 5 Ghz screen with a Core 2 Duo, global rank will be awarded only for the Pentium score, if I understood properly...


That would explain the 2nd point, well, but the 1st remains - a question of 0.4 points :D

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