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[Kiev|UA] XtremeLabs.org Xtreme OC Parties @CyberSport Arena

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Hi all!

Since July we (XtremeLabs.org Team) have some offline fun called Xtreme OC Parties. Once per month we gather at the biggest Ukrainian Gaming club (CyberSport Arena, famous all over the world due to holding some big gaming challenges).




Guaranteed participants: me (cyclone), T0lsty;


MaJ0r and PlaSMaN (does photographing and attracts chicks to the benching zone) often join us as well as some other Ukrainian overclockers.






Still working on some brilliant results but already have much experience with ASUS HD7970 DCIITOP cards, I will share some info soon (HW mods + OC behavior).

To avoid HW sharing I'm currently the one who posts some results (like this old one)




Continuous support provided by ASUS, Kingston, SeaSonic and CyberSport Arena.


p.s. next event coming this weekend: 21 Oct 2012, prolly there will be livestream. Will update the info soon.

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Ok guys, let's continue the story!


The first OC Party in 2013 took place a week ago, on the 7th of April.

Starring guests - slamms, Smoke -)


2013.04.07, Xtreme OC Party: мировой рекорд на Radeon HD 5970 и не только



Radeon HD 5970, 3DMark03 - 172952, WR!

Radeon HD 5970, 3DMark05 - 60293, #4

Radeon HD 5970, 3DMark06 - 45654, #3!

Radeon HD 5970, 3DMark Vantage - 42629, №4

Radeon HD 5970, Aquamark3 - 467415, №9

Seems that all these things were preliminary - we just need to fix the drv issue and put ARES on water.

[off]p.s. could anyone tell me what should be done to make Catalyst 9.12 enable 2 GPUs on HD5970? Should I install the drv hotfix?[/off]










Discuss Xtreme OC Parties @XtremeLabs.org - in this topic on HWBOT or here

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