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Hi guys, we had an oc weekend on the 27/28 March... sorry for the delay in posting everything but it has been a very busy period with Easter holidays etc...

So, let's first talk about what we were going to clock:

- P4 631 "Alien"... the one who reached 8.185MHz back in 2007, doing the WR, recently beaten by Tin at 8200MHz

- P4 641: never tried that cpu, just opened the box and threw it on the R.Extreme under LN2

- Giga UD7+i7-950.


We used an Asus R.Extreme with the two P4s.

So, we started with the 631... we reached 7,5GHz in no time, then it became difficult... after one hour or so, we finally got the always magic milestone: 8.025GHz.




Then we reached 8.085MHz but sadly the validation file resulted corrupted... even the validation at 8.070 failed


We need to put the chipset under Liquid cooling or better, LN2... we think that the extra juice we need to reach again the WR, can be hidden in that... the X48 is very hot and needs to be cooled down.

In the next session we'll see if we are right or we reached a wall of some kind at 8.085MHz!


Then we moved on the 641... we reached 7,6GHz in half an hour, but suddendly the Pot Bracket broke!

We managed to continue benching but the contact between ln2 pot and the cpu was compromised... so we stopped a little over 7,6GHz, as you can see here on HWbot:


The aim was to bring the first 641 over 8GHz, but with a broken bracket we posponed everything...


Finally we mounted the Giga UD7 and the i7-950... with the bad bracket we were at -110°c in the pot and at 0°c on the cpu

We just did some boot to see how the duo cpu/mobo appreciate or not the ln2... we got a POST at 5,3ghz, obviously freezed before entering in windows.

We reached also in no time 235bclk...

The UD7 is a very good mobo, for what we could see with that silly bracket... even the cpu is probably a good performer...


Finally, a few pics of the weekend!






Here we are: from left to right: Mafio, TheKing and me. 7ornado was behind the camera

Under pressure (like the old good freddy said)... we were over 8GHz...




A little juice to the CPU to see if the wall needed volts to be broken.




Insulating the UD7




Our BigMama :asd:




Giga, here we go!


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