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Formula350 - Radeon HD 4290 @ 1075/850MHz - 18707 marks 3Dmark 2001


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Since I can't edit my submission for whatever reason...


This is actually an Athlon II X2 250u (ultra-low voltage) and not a standard 250. They are the same in basically every way I can gather, except I'm locked w/ a CPU multi of 8x : 1.6GHz is stock speed, so I had to crank the HTT up to 350 to get into any competitive performance!


The best trick I managed to come across was setting the UMA SidePort and running 512MB for UMA. Don't know if I should've set the DDR2-SP speed to be faster than my DDR3 speed, but I didn't. In hindsight I should have, but oh well! I was only running Win7 32bit so I set the UMA to go above 4GB and that way the unused 512mb of my memory was used instead of eating into window's memory, not that 3DM2K1 uses much. Had my modded 890GPA BIOS worked, I would've set the UMA to 1GB, but it kept kicking a Checksum error :( So if anyone can do it with 1GB, I say give it a try!


Not that I use it, but I turned off NB Azalia (IGP's audio) just in case. Can't say for sure it did anything or if it was just the extra voltage, but I remember initially only being able to do 995MHz core, where as I pulled that bench off @ 1075Mhz (I did manage 1100 but it started to become unstable).

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