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I developed a multithreaded CPU benchmark that calculates PRIME numbers using a multithreaded parallel algorithm written in C++ and assembler. The software calculates prime numbers from 1 to [one billion]. The software is written in Visual C++ using MFC and Win32API.


Multi-Core Prime at HWBOT:




A slider will help you set the exact interval: from 1 to 10.000.000 [ten millions] and up to [1 billion]. The default value of the slider is 100.000.000 [one hundred millions]. In that case, the application will calculate all the prime numbers between 1 and 100 millions.




Also, you can create a datafile [Take screenshot button] that can be used to submit results to HWBOT.




Download link:




I also provide 32 and 64 bit version of the software. The current version is



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OK, thanks all for testing this. The software is optimized for multicore but the algorithm is not that complex and may not reveal 100% accurate the differences between different CPU's.


Having this experience and this goal, I developed a new benchmark, witch use a far more complex multithreaded algorithm. Multi Core PI.


The old benchmark Multi Core Prime is no longer in development. I hope you will find this benchmark more useful and will reveal more accurate performance differences between platforms.


Multi Core PI calculates PI decimals using Bailey–Borwein–Plouffe formula. The benchmark is using a multithreaded algorithm written in C++ and provide excellent parallelism. Multi Core PI is written in Visual C++ using MFC and Win32API.


How it works


A slider will help you set the decimals of PI, from 10.000 to 100.000. Default is 80.000. Just hit Run benchmark button to start benching your CPU.


Submit to HWBOT


First, press Take Screenshot button. A screenshot and a XML datafile will be created. Attention! CPUZ must be running!

Second, follow the link provided on the dialog and submit your datafile to HWBOT.


Supported operating systems


Microsoft Windows XP / Server 2003

Microsoft Windows Vista / 7

Microsoft Windows 8 / Server 2012


Download link



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