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ipaine - 2x GeForce GTX 580 @ 805/2048MHz - 211860 marks 3DMark03


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This one has been reported as bugged or cheating. I am certainly not cheating and have just been running this bench exactly as we are supposed to. That said I am done with this bench. It is just a waste of my time. If I ever figure out what the bug is then maybe I will do it again but I doubt it. Tired of being accused of cheating or being bugged and no one suggesting what could be a cause or solution to the bug.

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Well if you take a look at the guy right behind me you will notice on the screenshot that he is not running in SLI. If he was running in SLI like it indicates on the rankings then yes I would be questioning my score a lot more. Look I am just saying that so far there is only one thing I have seen mentioned even once and that was using multi monitors which I will test, but other than that just saying hey it is bugged or cheating, doesn't help anyone. Idea's on why or like I said before, how to avoid it would make more sense. Also if you start looking at scores you will constantly see people with crazy clocks getting scores way lower than others with the same or worse clocks. A perfect example is the top of the 2x 580 scores. If you look at Gunslingers you will see a score of 217135 and cpu is 3770K@6.6GHz and SLI disabled with clocks of 1000/2302. Then look at say S_A_V's score which is 213847, cpu is again the 3770 but is at 6.75GHz and has SLI enabled, yes lower clocked at 875/2250 but at least it is 2 cards. So explain the 3500 difference in score even though S_A_V has higher clocked cpu and 2 cards. So is gunslinger's run a bugged run as well? I'm not saying it is at all, just pointing out that there can be better scores with lower clocks.


But really until I can identify the bug that is causing me to have good scores I am done with this bench. If every time I run it I keep getting the scores I have been getting and can't find a reason then I just won't bother posting them here. Now if I can find a reason for it I will let everyone know so that it can be helpful unlike basically every comment I have gotten about my scores.

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Update to this:


Since I finally got home and had a chance to actually run some more tests I am pleased to say that I have identified the bug. It is indeed multi-monitor. And yes it does make a huge difference in the scores.


So I think this would be a very good addition to the rules of the 3Dmark03 rules. There shouldn't be any multi-monitors turned on when running this benchmark. Of course if there is anyone else out there running multi-monitors I would really like people to see if they have the same kind of results.


I will remove this submission on my own as it is bugged like people have pointed out. So I would like to thank you, Nedernakker, for being the only one who gave a suggestion, much appreciated.

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