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My submission was blocked

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I made a submission for SuperPi, and Massman blocked it. When I go to fill in the details about the result, it says "Please run SuperPi now at the default settings", and when I open SuperPi, and I click Calculate, the default selection is 16k, so that is the one that I submitted. Massman's reason was "suuuure". I don't think that is a clear reason as to why it was blocked. At least link to something that explains the reason, not just "suuuure", because that leads me to believe that the owner's/mods/admins on this site are rude and don't want to be helpful. I believe that if the owner's/mods/admins want a specific test to be run, then why not put it on the page where you fill in the details? If I'm missing something, please let me know what/where it is, so I can fix it and correct my submission. Thank you for your time and attention on this.



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Ok, thank you for your respectful reply. I have submitted a 1M result already, and the 16k results may be taken down. Thanks again. I'll go over everything again just so I'm clear on everything.


EDIT> My 1M submission isn't valid, as I didn't include the CPU-Z shots. I'll redo it when I have time. Thanks again!

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