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The official nicky905's XTU global challenge - Aug 17, 2013 until Aug 24, 2013 thread.


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Update: I'm getting 4.7ghz stable now on 1.280volts 1021 marks, my temperatures are very low, ie NEVER going past 76c during the most intense load I can throw it's way, and speed confirmed by CPUID, I think I've really lucked out and gotten one of those golden 10%'s that overclock really well, I'm using a Seidon coolermaster 120m, is this a good setup? I'm only asking here because we all must have similar setups I'm guessing..

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yes, I think 1021 is low as well, my mem is 1600mhz with a latency of 10, im actually getting 1014 at 4.7ghz on only 2.5volts now im using a Gigabyte B85M-HD3 mobo so my clock is locked but most else is now unlocked with new BIOS.. on 4.7ghz its 100% stable, it will boot at 4.8ghz on 1.29v, but blue screens halfway through the XTU benchmark, my video card is a 4gb GeForce gt630 and is overclocked to its limits (core 900mhz, shaders 1800mhz mem 700mhz).. any suggestions? im new/old to this, back when I first did this it was limited to jumpers on the motherboard but having owned laptops only for the last 10yrs ive not realistically been able to do much at all :)

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