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edwardboot - Phenom II X6 1045T @ 4512MHz - 15sec 428ms SuperPi - 1M


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Hello all,

Thank you for checking out my record with the trusty 1045t. I just was emailed a notification today (October 2, 2013) that someone has reported me/this record with the following comment:

"His multiplier is at 16x the x1045t is locked max is 13.5? how did he get 16x?"



Yes, the base core clock's highest speed is 13.5, however at the time that I did this I also enabled the AMD "Core Performance Boost" option on the motherboard which is the turbo multiplier for AMD chipsets. This allowed me to achieve temporary higher-than-normal speeds, especially when running SuperPI. So when the CPU performance gets maxed out, the core performance boost kicks in at makes it run faster than 13.5x. It is definitely not stable for a 24/7 setup, this was something I did purposely for this record to squeeze every chunk of power I could out of this specific CPU.


As far as my knowledge goes, this is absolutely acceptable by the rules on this site. Anyone with this chip and and an unlocked motherboard an easily do this to gain extra speed. I hope that clears the air.

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