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...maybe not: as I explained in another thread, in Hwproject.net, we have a simple way to avoid hw sharing: the best result with a piece of hardware is the only one which earns points... when a new "best" is submitted, the guy who owns the previous score will simply delete it.

Here we have the scores submitted in the whole team with the 4890: http://hwbot.org/searchResults.do?direction=&applicationId=0&cpu=&numberOfProcessors=0&gpu=Radeon+HD+4890&numberOfVideocards=0&manufacturer=&chipset=&model=&memManufacturer=&memType=&memProduct=&minCpuFreq=&maxCpuFreq=&minGpuCoreFreq=&maxGpuCoreFreq=&minGpuMemFreq=&maxGpuMemFreq=&minMemFreq=&maxMemFreq=&countryId=0&teamId=1444&userName=&minScore=&maxScore=&displayAdvanced=false&filterBlocked=&filterUser=&filterVerification=&imageAttached=&dateFrom=&dateUntil=&system=&minTotalPoints=&gpuId=1475&cpuId=0&chipsetId=0&modelId=0&manufacturerId=0&memManufacturerId=&memProductId=&memTypeId=&offset=0


Take a look at the Aquamark results: the scores did with the "shared" vga are the mafio's and giukey's ones... the best score is the last from Mafio, so it's the only which should earn points... but even giukey has 1,5points... if you click his results, you'll see that it reports that giukey has checked the "do not partecipate in hwbot rankings" option for that result...

So it's everything correct, no additional points from sharing... so, is it normal that it reports the points in the search tab?

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