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Add JetWay V600DAP


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Suprisingly, HWbot: Your search results for "JetWay V600DAP": - none!


Interesting. I recapped the mobo long time ago with pre-production Samxon caps and they turned out to be bad...


Yesterday I managed to fix my JetWay V600DAP mobo to have one stable working testing AGP mainboard - I used for ram/AGP part testing. It was just a test, so, no wonder. Yet now I need it and it did not even posted with my PNY 6800GT, so... after the recap it post and work just great, even with this graphic card, so I'm happy and going to work on it for some tests too :)


AMD Mobile CPU can run in this old mobo at 2300MHz stable w/o problem at 1.575V :) I wish I had a better cooler, it might go higher :)


Oh, HWbot don't know this mobo!


So, pls, add it. Even JetWay did still know about it:



And there is best picture I managed to find:




(mine is now w/o many ports and with many polymers = not original anymore, lol)

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Oh, well... hopefully it won't took till next Xmass to become fixed :) DDR3 bug also seems to insist on staying as well, as the inability to edit overclock changed in GFX card when using the prepopulated submissions to save time...


Do this get at least higher priority?

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