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Add JetWay V266B


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HWbot is missing yet another mobo - JetWay V266B.


I recapped the mobo long time ago ( http://trodas.wz.cz/index.php?act=ST&f=16&t=355 ), got another one and testing now some things with multipliers, and ... it should be added :)


It use crappy VIA KT266A chipset, but at least it can manage 150MHz FSB with 12.5 multiplier, so it is not that bad.


However JetWay did not want to know about this their mainboard, but I do still have the manual in pdf form! A proof that I did not make this mobo up, lol:


(JetWay V266B user guide manual)


There is best picture of original V266B I managed to find:



(mine is now w/o many ports and with nonstandard caps and even few polymers near AGP, so...)


Other pictures not usable for HWbot:



(notice different caps, mine got all GSC supercrap caps...)

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