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Mario1 - Core 2 E5400 (2.7Ghz) @ 3182.8MHz - 3182.75 mhz CPU-Z

Guest crapty

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WOW!!!! I've found the reason or my ultra high voltages!

http://fsbhak.ru/data/picts/1283021566.jpg - see screenshoot.

I have 8.98V instead of 12V.


I believe this is wrong, either its just a bug and HWMonitor is wrong or something is verry wrong with your PSU/Motherboard voltage regulators lol.

I'm not sure that your 12v components e.g HDD would be able to run @ 9 volts.

It most likely its just a bug, CPU-Z showed that my E5400 was running @ 1,5v when I only bumped my vcore with 0,0150v lol.

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