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good OC but cant get my XTU score past 657


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Hello i have a kick ass pc but my 4770k is not going past my highest yet OC 4.7/6 wont oc any further Without more knowledge.



Here are my specs site




I have a maximus VI formula and a H110 cpu cooler with 10 Fans installed.. no gpu tho


Ram is 1600 8 gb muchkin red


what do you guys think is wrong.


Ps. I can play BF3/4 with everything on ultra low at 30fps


haven benchmark gives me a 455 at 720p with 2x aa basic


oh also pushing 1.4 volts on my cpu.. Is that ok?

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Hey man!


If your cpu can't OC more at 1.4v then you have hit your limits. And if your Input / VRIN is at 2v or so there shouldnt be much else you need. Sounds about right.


Your score however is really low, there is something causing a broken run, should be over 1000 easy. There is a high chance your cpu is throttling and getting too warm, if you got 636 at 3900 and only 657 now go look at your cpu load and see if its 100% through the whole test

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it does get 100% pretty quickly... I have updated everything, driver, windows 8.1 you name it


I have delidded my cpu and added arctic silver both underneith and over the cpu lid.


IDK what else it could be other than a bad cpu?? it wants to stay at 1.37 volts in ROG 4 way optimization.


Also it isnt a stable 4.7 it likes to randomly crash even when i have everything on adaptive.

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