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Fx-6200 unable to go above 4400


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Hi. I'm trying to find the right Vcore to set an fx-6200 above 4400mhz. I'm overclocking only using the mulitiplier at the moment, memory overclcoking is messy. CPU-NB is at 2200, HT-link is 2600. The board doesnt like to go above 1866mhz on the memory, even though it says it supports 2133mhz. Plus I wouldn't know where to set voltages for higher CPU-NB settings and HT-link if I increase the FSB. Although is says Ht link is safe up to 3200mhz, I dont even know the stock voltage on the HTlink so I wouldnt know where to start. Plus I don't know if HTlink CPU-NB and memory should all be raised equally via the FSB or seperatly.. The memory timings autoadjust to the frequency of the memory. Right now their 9-9-9-24 at 1600mhz. I've just seen other overclockers be able to keep stable at above 4400 and wondering how. Cooling is not an issue, liquid everything. Under load i hit like 45 celcius. Thank you for the help.

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

You need to start upping the CPU voltage if you want to go any higher than that. That would be a good place to start. :)


Even though your motherboard might support higher frequencies on the RAM, your CPU must be able to do it too. It may need a bit more voltage in that respect as well.

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