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  1. Looks to be running a dry ice or chiller. Voltages are at 1.55+ on core for his OCs. Haven't submittied anything yet, just getting back in the game, but figured I'd point this out.
  2. I have gone all the way up to 1.52 and still experience the issue of system stability, this also introduces a temperature issue under load, making me hit 90+ under load. Anything else that might be able to be adjusted?
  3. Resurrection. So I've delidded and am using Liquid Ultra on both my die and IHS, and I can see a gigantic difference in temperatures, and can run 4.9 under load at 1.48 V at a cool 60C under load, but I still can't put load on 5.0 Ghz without crashing. Is it possible I'm just restricted by my chip at this point? After delidding I have seen temps drop over 27% compared to before, and I can hold a higher OC stable without any issues at even cooler temps, but still can't hold 5.0 GHz without my stability basically disappearing. Any other ideas of what I can do to hold 5.0?
  4. I can post all my score but you all are going to have to bust those butts to beat em
  5. I just saw that. Are his other scores legit or are they fake too?
  6. I will say though, I doubt he could XTU at that same speed being stable without dry ice at least. XTU is the most stressful benchmark I've encountered so far, I can only run 4.8 on it, any higher and I get BSOD.
  7. I personally can do the less stressful benchmarks at 5.0 Ghz on my AIO water with the AC cranked up in the house (I have my computer sitting on top of the vent in the summer). I plan on de-lidding soon and if all goes well I may be able to hit 5.2 or 5.3 without crashing, but only me doing it will tell what difference it makes. It's highly possible he's already de-lidded. MaxKing was a runner up in the last Rookie Rumble (I think he was like 5th or 6th place, I was 2nd) , so he could possibly be running water with a lapped IHS and cooler with a de-lidded chip. That's what I'm about to do at least.
  8. Gonna put up one score then Check out Stage 3 in a few minutes.
  9. After some tweaking in the bios and cranking up the AC, I have successfully benchmarked at 5.0 GHz on my current set up, no delidding done yet! I'm ranked #1 in the Rookie Rumble #30, which is what I was trying to go to 5 GHz for. Now to see if I can hold it until the end of the competition, still can't figure out the way to get a good score in GPUPI... For Those Interested: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/rookie_rumble_30 EDIT: Figured out GPUPI, apparently I didn't have the Intel OpenCL Runtime installed, and the AMD doesn't work good for good Intel CPU scores (go figure).
  10. Are there any custom mounts I should look at after de-lidding? I know the die sticks up a bit, so unless i had a glob of past on there, my current set up would not work with it. EDIT: Never mind, after watching a delid tutorial I see that de-lidding is just taking off the IHS, putting new paste on the die, and putting the IHS back. Is that really all I have to do? Why don't they come with adequate paste from the factory?
  11. Is it possible that using a water chiller would let me get higher speeds without delidding? It's not so serious that i'd risk breaking my new CPU for faster speeds. I'm looking at the options and I'm not quite sure where to start with water chilling in regards to amps or pump potential. Could I also cool my GPU the same way with the chiller? EDIT: Now that I think about it, isn't 88C on even AIO Water pretty high? Shouldn't it be lower than that normally? I might just have a thermal paste issue here.
  12. Is it possible that the Auto setting is setting the voltage too high to keep a stable 4.9? Is it possibly too high for even the 4.8 that I have stable?
  13. I'm not sure what de-lidding is, I'm new to this. My volts at 4.8 are 1.47 on Auto Adaptive. Cache running stable at 4.2, I can do higher, but I crash at 4.5. Quite positive the cooler is seated properly, I cranked up the ac last night and was able to get 18 C at idle on the CPU and 15 C on the radiator. The 88C under load was after about 5 Benchmarks in a row. Same frequency and I hit my all time high marks at 88 C. First few benchs normally top around 74-79 C
  14. Hey everyone. Trying to run off with some prizes and falling flat on my face at 4.9 GHz. I'm using AIO cooling with AC blowing direct into my intake area, specs are Maximus VIII Gene Corsair Vengeance LPX currently @ 3200 Mhz H100i Cooling i7 6700k stable at 4.8 I have 7 140 mm intakes including the radiator fans, as well as 1 240mm fan, and 1 200 mm exhaust fan. Idle temps hover around 26 C, load 35-40, benchmark about 80-90 C. You can see my latest submission at http://hwbot.org/submission/3191257 I don't seem to see any irregularities and I'm a bit curious if my RAM is what's making my OC crash. I can start up and run at 4.9 no problems, but as soon as there's any heavy system load, the crash happens. Where should I start troublshooting?
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