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  1. OKay ... I forgot to include hwmonitor today on the gpupi run :'p ....... Will Rebench in a while ...........
  2. Does the Temp Have to be above 30 every time ? Mine coming sometimes like 21-28 In Idle ..
  3. Yes... I didint know that earlier , sir. Now i do.. :'D
  4. Ohhhoo i was typing micromax at first.. Sorry for my mistake... I get it now... Thank You very much sir :D
  5. Its the same name ... I checked again .. Just the hwbot prime not working....I submitted some geekbench results with that phone. .but the phone wasn't showing when i entered the name .... I had to enter the cpu seperately...
  6. Its the same as the cpuz validation... I will recheck the hwbot prime.. Please wait :D
  7. I tried hwbot prime...still not working (
  8. CPU-Z VALIDATOR Please add this phone ..
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