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  1. Still a few tricks left in this cpu
  2. 19K done without sacrificing overall score and print screen and paint still work 😏
  3. chasing 19K multi mem score........
  4. mem clock on AMD sucks it's not real as it's capped by fclk. I got yah bro........ 2700 fclk.......
  5. 9800 done scaling in fire strike has tapered off.
  6. Dual channel memory WR now owned by tachyon and AMD. https://valid.x86.fr/pa17qb
  7. Bench partner. MSIMAX`s Memory Frequency score: 5493.5 MHz with a DDR5 SDRAM (hwbot.org)
  8. 10800 https://valid.x86.fr/4vk53n
  9. it's not the cpu....it's more the memory......my cpu's are not as good as people think they are ......my memory however is alot better than people think. I can literally put 1 stick in at a time on a profile and c5 a vast majority of them at just 10600.
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