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  1. Well its nice to see someone with the drive to push the hardware even if it lacks the global WR potential. Keep it up I like what I am seeing. Many seem to misunderstand me and my intentions. I merely show possibilities and capabilities and love to see people take it above and beyond.
  2. Cold will help it but voltage not so much. Should free up the imc for you a little bit to. 3d is where the platform can get tricky with the apu and how to unlock its potential. I ran a ton of 3d on it. Pi was just once to see where it stacked up in the LCC category. Btw I do not think it is to far off topic...imo ryzen shares far more in common with llano than other arch that amd has released.
  3. Nice to see someone finally get llano running fast . I checked my old post related to my run. I had said LSC and theme only so like i said i was showing possibilities for someone else to take advantage of. Anyway nice work infra Iirc and i think i mention it in the XS llano thread somewhere around 160 ref clk i was dropping a channel. Maybe that info will help.
  4. See if i can help out with llano. Msimax has my "lab" and whatever boards i collected. Im fairly certain there may be a completely unabused nib llano board in the inventory. I had a ton of fun on that platform and liked the direction AMD was headed. Ryzen reminds me of it which is what i would liked to have seen the direction go instead of BD and why i am enjoying the platform.
  5. Some people bury knowledge and or tweaks for a very specific reason. To combat what truly damaged this hobby. Super binning.
  6. Llano was like my one of my favorites. Ton of room left to really show what that platform can do. I no longer have mine so looking forward to seeing your results. yah your cpu's imc is a monster or your memory is killer. hope it survived. I was not blessed with a good imc and I just bought my ram off newegg like everyone else but eh I make do with what cards I am dealt.
  7. For you....not a problem. Consider it done. Least you know it's the old me
  8. I said I would do this I do what I say. Slowest performing cpu I have tested in 32m Slowest board I have Slowish Bios Worst memory config possible HYNIX DR Full auto noob timings......load XMP and rip. Calculated what I needed bare minimum for 8:49 still over shot it. GL and HF
  9. There is not really a "team" its gone dust in the wind. So yah to be on an active team would require finding one. You were fairly way off however as far as zen goes. At least 60% of tweaks shared for team XS in there private area were provided in combination from zen and myself. We are flying solo and me not posting on the rankings is useless to team as is even more pointing to solo purely hobby for the fun of it. When people give me crap....it becomes far less fun.
  10. I beg to differ george. Combined effort on mine and zens part to get fast on ryzen. As far as XS hwbot team. I posted in private section 6 months ago...all i heard was an echo. Many left the team is "inactive" I street race and as far as i am concerned this is just another race. If someone brings there car out to the races then whines complains or makes excuses my response is simple. I brought my car to race. If your not going to race put that pile of crap back on trailer and go home. Now you know where i am coming from and my mindset.
  11. Expecting anyone to give out ANY tweaks at all is problem #1. Someone who put 1000s of hours in PI should know enough to analyze as I exampled. The screenshot reveals enough as is.
  12. You see any of my scores posted on bot rankings? Newcomers do not have to compete against me on bot. Anyone expecting to beat pro lvl scores as a newcomer is naive. If they want to compete vs me unofficially on forums but using bot approved rules / legitimate runs that is a choice they make. I am not forcing anyone to do anything. I know AMD hardware can go faster and I showed it. I remember one reason why i retired now and now I know why unless paid no pro overclockers really bothers to bench AMD hardcore in anything that will not get them global points worth their time. Btw infra. Mad props for working through it and not giving me crap. There is still hope based on your approach.
  13. Did i come up with ocx tweaker no. Did i use it back then? No. Its a file copy. Create file in xx size copy to one place cut copy to another. I did a manual copy. So yah in that sense yes once again i went down my own path if you must know. Fwiw at a live competition there is no copy waza on your drive OS that is provided. So knowing how to do it yourself manually = better. The LLano run was crap fyi....it was a hey look pretesting llano looks fast and a competitor fo LCC here is a quick run...check it out. I can even link to the post from years ago.
  14. Here i will analyze one that is not mine. Lets see. 32 bit w7 Max mem 1600ish Appeareance set to best performance ok so possibly used msconfig. Loop consistency 9-6-3-9-6-3 all the way down with a little falling apart...yep thats waza but initial was fast so weak waza. Looks like he used 2133 strap. Hmm bios version...that is the one that i confirmed got really slow after i compared vs the one i like and pre subtiming unlock. Timings hmm ok so equivalent to performance I noted with 12-11-11 on other boards so not very tight and trc 51 so yah he was running a bit loose. Ah galax 2000. ( bdie ic ) so his subs he has no access to were extremely loose in that bios version pre unlocked subs. Quite a few things just not right for PI run on Ryzen. I should be able to take this result out easily at sub 5000. Lesson here? Can learn alot from a screenshot.
  15. Look i will give you a lesson in 32m pi analyze 101. Lets see 32bit xp No max mem Consistent loops but weak finish might have been a weak waza or none at all. Olive theme Hmm note strap 1/8 he used that might matter Bios version Ddr3 and amd that seems like a flare X will check what ic they are. High speed seems to trump latency 25x multi will have to check odds versus even. Total summary looks like there was more in it as it hardly looks like a max tuned run...i can beat this easy. Crazy run though...its 10 secs faster than the fastest llano @ 4.0 and it was not a tuned run based on evidence found in screenshot. Btw...that run one guess who did it...and years and years ago...so literally i just analyzed my own run as i would any run i see.
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