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  1. unityofsaints

    Moving Sale Round 3

    That's a lot of dead hardware! 😮
  2. Monster card! Hardmod for Vcore or just Afterburner Extreme?
  3. unityofsaints

    MSI 7970 Lightning

    I know this is an old post are folks able to mount pots o.k. on this thing? I'm a bit nervous to try it.
  4. unityofsaints

    [FS][EU] Golden I5-7640X / 5.5ghz water

    PM sent - #2 in the queue
  5. You appear twice in the rankings? :D Clicking recalculate may help
  6. Congrats macsbeach, great effort! I'm curious where the CB/CBB are on these mobile chips, I'd assume pretty warm?
  7. unityofsaints

    What counts as sandy bridge?

    Xeon chips (or any hardware classified as "server") are generally not allowed in competitions. Also Sandy-E is not allowed.
  8. 80+ fps in physics, what's your secret? :O