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  1. Even taking DDR3 into account Xeon will win. There's also some fuel left in the tank in terms of BCLK on the blue side
  2. Nice score but you're missing the CPU-Z mainboard tab
  3. Nice Flare sticks! What water temps are you running?
  4. Someone's warming up for Country Cup...
  5. unityofsaints

    GALAX GOC 2018 online qualifier thread

    I think one workaround worth trying is to launch 1.85 and select the SPD tab, then launch 1.86 - somehow this helps to unbug the SPD tab on some platforms You can then close 1.85 and take your screenshot.
  6. The main hwbot.org site is down with the usual "the HWBOT engine is currently overloaded" which happens quite a bit when it's busy but unusually today it's stayed like that for at least 3 or 4 hrs. What's going on?