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  1. For Benchmate to be "the way forward" it needs to be open-sourced instead of relying on 1 or 2 developers. As it stands it's a handy tools for some special cases like Geekbench on Win 10.
  2. @GtiJason @_mat_ You're both missing the point. I didn't say this particular score was bugged and I didn't say BenchMate actively changes Cinebench scoring. I'm just stating that CB15 with Benchmate constitutes another benchmark, since e.g. it allows Windows 10 while CB15 without Benchmate doesn't. It wouldn't be fair on anyone to mix those two.
  3. Since Benchmate is known to affect Cinebench scores this needs to go in the dedicated CB15 with BenchMate category imo
  4. 3244C562 (Costa Rica) - 1.120 VID on RIVBE - 5.6 GHz SP1M on LN2 but with poor cold scaling, could run benches down to about -60 but only got about another 100 MHz out of it vs. chiller and best runs were at -20!
  5. Yeah all solid tips. Hypers will do better for sure and 56x multi will set but doesn't complete. Probably heat-related. It's a good chip so I don't want to kill it by going above 1.65V on chiller. Will get the LN2 treatment soon-ish. Btw I had a few runs on Win 7 on 6 min 10 pace hang on loop 24 so the O.S. is definitely wankered. That's why I'm not spending any more time on it for now.
  6. Any chance of further cold scaling on this chip? Worth a shot on LN2 surely?
  7. Ok, here's a tess ON, WHQL driver, Systeminfo 5.17 run. Still GPU not recognised: https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/39313148
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