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  1. You got me excited there, I thought for a second you broke 6 mins on AMD JK, well done!
  2. Score needs a recalculation? Should be gold for 2700X but has no pts currently
  3. Score needs a recalculation? Should be gold for 2700X but has no pts currently
  4. It's missing the "both" option
  5. unityofsaints

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    The degree of participation in a comp increases with the no. of points awarded so I don't see it as a problem, at the same time if comps were to give a flat no. of pts multipled by the no. of stages that would work fine too imo.
  6. unityofsaints

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    Yes, for points. Expecting people to do CC / TC "just for fun" is a little too much to ask, I would definitely think twice about them if there were no points because they cut so much into your regular benching time (which gives points). This is more effort to design the banner and change it ever year etc. and tbh I don't think people care too much about their profiles. World ranking (soon to be called "Career Ranking") is much more tangible.
  7. unityofsaints

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    I very much doubt the 6 or 7 competitions per year cause even a fraction of a fraction of the server load of regular day-to-day subs. My version of "tackling one problem at a time" would be to leave comps alone for now and change the other things we have already discussed endlessly in this thread and via polls.
  8. Version 3.3 and above can't be subbed under regular GPUpi
  9. unityofsaints

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    Ok so you approach the problem of lack of participation in competitions... by further reducing the value of competitions! 👎 Why not just kill them at this point? "Unnecessary server load" and all that.
  10. Many sensible proposals in here, especially the re-timing of CC. Leagues and achievements imo are a big can of worms because there are as many people who like the current setup as there are who want it to change - for me these would be candidates to exclude from the Rev. 8 update and revisit later as I 1) don't see any urgency to change something right now 2) think they could make people sour on the whole Rev. 8 update if done the "wrong way".
  11. Very interesting concept! Well done