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  1. Is it intended that GPUpi for CPU v3.3 gets 0 HWPts now? I thought the intention was to keep it and eventually merge it with 4.0 once that's out.
  2. Found YoungPro's 734 FSB: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?197125-Team-AU-condsolidates-with-4-World-Records&p=3187312&viewfull=1#post3187312 I know in the past Massman added scores that happened before HWBot existed retroacticvely to the DB wtih pts disabled, is that still something that is allowed / encouraged? I think it would be nice to have because, even 12+ years later this is in the #3 spot. This is just one example of course, I'm sure there are many more great scores lurking.
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