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  1. what you are saying is that chances are close to 0 ; the insurance would actually only hold if they'd loose the package?
  2. i was quoting the statement that the test should have been done in a z170
  3. well that should not burn the cpu, or break its die...? mistake yes, but not the reason for the cleaved, dead die. so either you mounted it badly and broke it, or it arrived this way. is the above picture of the as-received item ?
  4. +1 I have sent tons of delidded/relidded cpu in padded (bubble) enveloppe. cpu in its plastic box. box fully rolled with 1 layer of bubble film, put inside the bubble enveloppe such that the plastic box can't move. and Alex@Ro is truly right, it is much safer since they travel with light letters
  5. yeah, either send with ihs sealed, or send naked in the box, well wrapped so it can t move, and the ihs outside opf the box, secured. if the ihs is left on the die (with a paper towel layer in between or not, one layer won 't protect much against shocks), and the plastic box containing those can move as whown o nthe picture, the cpu die could get broken. but here that looks like a die that died because of too much weight/pressure on the lower side.
  6. CPU (PCB + lid) were shipped in the plastic blister delidded with no paste MEANS IHS can move as much as it wants on the die. the original silicone seal was removed for the pcb ?
  7. by default 23/kg but you can add ad valorem and pay 9 euros extras for getting insured at 500. you could make a cheaper option, like Lettre Recommandée Internationale R2, insured up to 150, it costs 8.1 total that's beyond the point though. you French guys making lan / ln2 parties should boycott him once and for all...
  8. What suprises me most is that the shipper, and the buyer, agreed to such poorly insured way of sending a 500 eur good... I mean Mondial Relay then Hermes... it should have gone International Colissimo + heavy insurance, or Chronopost.
  9. Hi ! Really sorry to read that story was the cpu sent naked, delidded, and unprotected - no plastic box? no bubble film? what are the chances for a freely moving cpu inside a box to develop a crack in the die after being thrown away in a box? if you have a dead cpu lying around you could try similar experiments. I can only imagine that a crack would develop in the die if the IHS was put on the cpu but not sealed, hence it could move laterally or/and bang the die surface during a shock. if the cpu was naked, ie no ihs, and wrapped very safely, i can t imagine that a shipping mishandling causes this. same if the ihs was sealed. you may wrap a delidded (dead) cpu in its plastic box, wrap the box with plastic bubble film, put it in a small box, jump on the box where the cpu is located, and check the die. or throw the box in the air. I have 2 dead cpu on my desk, i will try tomorrow. now what i can say is that Mondial relay is a pain to deal with, but if you have strong evidence on your side, you need to insist and insist every day by calling them. the seller ought to do that if he felt responsible and concerned...
  10. what are you looking for, 2600 cas8 or better ?
  11. PSC chips indeed, pcb is ST. they came from my 24/7 rig. Nothing special, good for 24/7 x58 or other 115x ddr3, but don't expect miracles indeed ! might be good on AMd but I have no clue for that... Gigelz, you can be suprised sometimes. best PSC from Gskill are not Flares or PI sometimes, they can be better in average statistically but no the best
  12. bolc

    search l3014

    good luck
  13. 6 Gb kit, 3 x 2 Gb, ideal fo X58 stations DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Timing 7-8-7-24-2N Voltage 1.5V 30 euros excl shipping, within EU
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