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  1. bolc

    [FS] B-die ddr4 TridentZ 4200 C19

    SOLD Topic can be closed / moved Thank you for the space Hwbot !
  2. bolc

    [FS] B-die ddr4 TridentZ 4200 C19

    4000C18 added
  3. that s what I thought I asked cause some folk(s) in the comp doesn't have it on on win8.x and I am tired of being the party pooper sending a report it is in div4, in the top 3 scores many uses win 2012 server r2 for x265 bench, I gonna start as well... hpet is not required on that OS or ...?
  4. bolc

    x265 Benchmark 2.2 CPU

    wmi, dcom, intel clock controller service, plug and play, typically these 4 services need to be active. (although on hevc, i cannot get the absolute mode with some service off...)
  5. bolc

    [FS] B-die ddr4 TridentZ 4200 C19

    1 kit sold to subaruwrc 1 kit remaning
  6. hi, is active HPET mandatory on win8 / 8.1 /10 or the generic rtc is ok for x265 4k ? ++
  7. bolc

    [FS] B-die ddr4 TridentZ 4200 C19

  8. Brand new, comes from 64 Gb kits. 4200C19 - 170 excl shipping Tried individually at 4k c12 1.92 V on apex9, ok with spi32m, not tried further. Single sided. Pcb A1. SOLD
  9. bolc

    Looking for Elpida Hypers

    you probably have mnh-e which are much weaker / can die prematurely compared to mgh-e ......?
  10. bolc

    Maximus VII Impact

    PM sent
  11. booting was on 1 core so I d rather test with PLL overvoltage enabled? forgot which bios setting i have... spi booster wa son but i guess is meaningless here, will pout it off will try the reset method too thanks.
  12. bolc

    Maximus VII Impact

    too bad
  13. Thanks for sharing your thoughts that was my guess as well, so this sandy sucks, well is a good h24, but won t go much above 5300ishes...