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  1. bolc


    ud3p not good? shipping to AU ...?
  2. tried here, entry, perf or extreme, sliding pins have 0 impact. seems locked indeed. well, makes life easier then ! thanks for confirming it
  3. the mandatory links display score is valid or default settings have been changed then by comparing what is shown in the score details / settings details, you can see what was changed apparently. i assumed the benchrun had all to run @ preset except tesselation and LOD, but I see that anisotropy and display resolution may have been changed (1280 x 720 seems default but you see 1280 x 960, 640 x 480, 1024 x 600). not sure if that concerns graphic benchmarks only or the physics as well ? if an admin can clarify what is legit or not before I rebench... thanks for instance, not linking anyone specifically --------------------------------------------------- Default settings used No Screen width 1024 Screen height 600 MSAA sample count 1 Texture filtering mode Trilinear Max anisotropy 2 ----------------------------------------------- Default settings used No Screen width 1280 Screen height 720 MSAA sample count 1 Texture filtering mode Trilinear Max anisotropy 2
  4. Hi, on the 3dm11 physics, many folks have changed screen resolution, max anisotropy, etc. is that legit ? http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/team_cup_2018_ddr2/4363/3dmark11_physics http://hwbot.org/news/14135_application_40_rules/ unsure but rules say max tesselation and LOD only ...?
  5. bolc

    DDR2 OCZ 2 x 1 gb 1250 CAS5 2.30 V

    sold to subaru, paid and about to be shipped unityofsaints, check PM ozzie, sorry, no more good bins in stock currently except if unitoyofsaints ants something else
  6. 2 x 1 Gb OCZ Platinum 8500 ram kit, benches spi32m in these conditions 15 euros excl shipping from France (cpu E8500 at 9.5 x 390.8 = 3.71 Ghz, ram at x 3.2 multiplier, board X48-DQ6)
  7. bolc

    Asus Crosshair IV Formula

    price change at 50 excl shipping within EU
  8. bolc

    Maximus II Formula socket 775

    sold thank you for the space
  9. bolc

    DDR3 G.Skill TridentX 2400C9

    sold elsewhere, can be closed/moved to sold items. thank you for the space
  10. bolc

    100+ sticks of Micron D9GMH

    package received, all in order ! all almost now all binned spi32m for cas4 and cas5 (4-4-4-4 4-21-9-9-9-4-7-4-4 2T and 5-5-5-5 4-25-9-10-10-4-9-4-4 2T ; who says better? :D) you should have tested cas5 ++
  11. Hi. are you sure you didn't run at 10 x 502 = 5.02 Ghz? Same holds for several other subs of your X5470 ;) I guess you had eist or c1e enabled
  12. bolc

    100+ sticks of Micron D9GMH

    Test #5 is the most pain inthe butt of memtest but I take them so mp sent ++
  13. bolc

    Avexir 2200C8 Unicorn PSC (PRICE DROP LAST 2)

    Same ref for ST pcbs here You can see it has less copper (it is meshed while plain in the KO-8117 8155) but on air I got really good results with PI, XH and Trident with those ST pcbs
  14. bolc

    A lot of stuff,take a look

    they did not boot 2666 at 1.92 V ? still available though ...?
  15. bolc

    Avexir 2200C8 Unicorn PSC (PRICE DROP LAST 2)

    PCB KO-8155 seems to be the preferred on LN2, yep. then KO-8117. finally ST pcbs on air, it does not matter I think. some chips on ko 8117 and 8155 sucks much more than chips on St pcbs..