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  1. Hi i am looking for a cheap cpu to put in a bench test station to bin ddr4 sticks at 4kc12 minimum. I have a good 7700k for the job but it is currently busy in hy daily i wonder if pentium g4560 g4400 may do the job? looking at g4400 results on hwbot, I have a big doubt... and same for g4560... any tips are welcome. thanks
  2. bolc

    Pentium 1151 G4560 or so

    Hi, I am just looking for a cheap cpu to test ddr4 sticks @ 4k c12 on a M9A board. I was told G4560 should do the job ? Thanks
  3. Bump Ps: don't be confused websmile bump with "price edit" in fact
  4. writing out "a very significant percentage" is a claim you need to justify, not just by saying : I have information you do not. if you d have written: a minority, or a small fraction, or even a certain fraction, I would not have raised a concern in the impolite form I used. but a very significant fraction sounds like 20% or more. and in my opinion this is unjustified, exagerated and false. as far as i know. i was top 7 enthusiast one day, and needed nothing better than watercooling for that. I used chilled water once, which is ice in a bucket filled with water, water temp around 5C, idle temp around 5-10C, bench temp 30-40C, sometimes more. I thought this was still being enthusiast since you are always above 0C (when my tap water is 9C, and it is at the moment..., is that custom water or chilled water....?), but rules said differently and I changed league automatically. now I compete with folks using MS/SS and dry ice... I would find more fair to keep chilled water in the enthusiast league, and put SS and DICE in the extreme. anyways, my point is, I could have deleted my chilled water sub and re qualify it as custom water. anyways, I didn't requalify my sub, and I think many folks do the same, folks in my team don't, a few folks I know from other teams don't either. I think a very significant percentage of enthusiasts does not cheat
  5. A very significant percentage..... In my opinion, this is BS...
  6. Not bad. I think the league definition should go by the availability/cost of the cooling option. Benchin with LN2 / SS/ DICE required investment of all sorts. Benching outdoor at -30C required living in Canada, Russia or wherever else... Using ice and putting it in a bucket requires a freezer, which everybody has in his kitchen. If you mix it with ethanol or whatever, it is your responsability to declare it, but not mine to do the same or better (if I don t intend to do so...) Hence, my choice would go to : - Sub Zero Sponsored - Sub Zero non Sponsored - Above Zero C - Rookies/Novice but also fine with the above proposal... I'd feel sorry for the Enthusiasts though. but in all cases, I don t see why enthusiast/apprentice should go with extreme...
  7. hey. how much for #11, shipping to France? cheers
  8. bolc

    (FS)Cooling gear/3770K

    Hey, I am curious about those results then! I have a malay 3770k l246c196 whose imc takes 2600c8, and that does cbr15 4c/8t 5ghz@1.285 V, and 5ghz spi32m @ 1.20 V (on 2 c/2t iirc well) EDIT: soorrryy for the typo mistake. 1.20V ! not 1.02 v, that'd be insane... may happen in the 10th intel gen perhaps...? what is the lowest spi32m 5ghz voltage achieved so far...? 1.1 ?
  9. bolc

    Wanted Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3R

    @websmileh e is a teammate, I own this board, and I am teasing him about how much he may be willing to spend
  10. bolc

    Wanted Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3R

    how much?
  11. Awesome, well done ! You should look into beating the x265 4k record now ;)
  12. bolc

    Real bench hwbot version

    tried all, with internet on, nothing works 2.43 does not give the option to save the file, and login makes the app closes 2.44 gives theoption to save the file, but file is not readable by hwbot, and when login, it closes. this happens even on non oc system, on windows 7 64. i give up
  13. I agree with infrar.ed, we should not delete the old score. I currently do it only for my mates when they just improve a score within a few days/weeks, so the ranking gets ok similarly, I would like to have the older/weaker scores kept as well