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  1. indeed, generally 10 mV (0.01V), or slightly less from what I can read with a multimeter on the reading point. +0.01, imo it is almost the same
  2. bump. presale of ddr3 PSCs
  3. you missed it all guys... the date is screened 2002 :o that's a backup :o
  4. Used cpu capabilities: the first i looks photoshoped. Mods plz remove :o
  5. Hi. was screenshot cropping allowed before january 8 ? cheers
  6. a teammate had the same issue, no 3d on w7, but the 2D could run however ! hence he submitted results for the 3400g on w7 but observed others used and still use w10, while the rules says benchmate is mandatory; hence me opening this topic
  7. Hi all, Only up to recently I started to bench in w10 so the problem did not appear for me, but now that I started, I notice that many ryzen benchers have used w10 with cbr, spi1m etc, and the subs are still valid. For instance many of those for 3400G, but surely not the only ones. Looks like the rule changed on Oct. 6 that subs in w10 must use benchmate. Should we expect that older ones will remain? Best
  8. the 4790k? it does 2800+ cas9 surely, 2666c9 as well. more Idk...
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