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  1. Congrats after all, just a curious way to verify a score, first time i see this kind of stuff. Hopefully they demostrate that their both cards are capable of running those freqs. I highly recommend for next MOA qualifier to make Youtube video of the score mandatory to get rid of the acussation.
  2. When i read this i remenber what happened in LOOC 2010, and if not wrong the only way that you guys were 100% right that the results comes from the exact system was because one of them accepted his fault.
  3. for some people, reputation worth more than that. Waiting for oficial announcement and hope all will be just a misunderstanding.
  4. In wich way they helped the people. Most people sold their good SB before launch to get some $$$$ before those Golden lost their value, also if they "Wanted to help" they should wait before launch because a regular IB does 6100 - 6500 and thats good enough for 3D03 and with some tweking good enough for SPI32M. I Follow the idea of they have a Schedule to follow, and they cant run multiples regional competitions at the same time. i dont think their Wanted to Help anyone!.
  5. Splave its ok im not complaining, its not your fault, i know buying and binning cpus it requires effort and dedication (Time and Money, lots of money) but to be Honest MSI in POV had to wait Ivy Bridge Launch or just picked a benchmarks that no are not much CPU dependent. (3D03 an Spi32m are). Good Luck to the people who is still in the battle.
  6. dont blame you p67 motherboard, blame your luck! a very good CPU was needed in this competition to take a chance.
  7. Where is stated that Ivy is not allowed to the competition? (it is only 1 rule against the use of noncomercial hardware, but what happen when Ivy will hit retail?). Saint you dont even have a decent SB cpu so dont lol at me ahahahah. Good luck Ronaldo!
  8. Well i have to pass this one, im pretty sure that will be very diffcult to any of the Latin America people to win this competition and not due to economics or other money-related but due to hardware avaibity, the NA people will have the advantage when Ivy will be released and by the time we get the Ivy CPUs the competition finished. Lets wait for Lords of Overclocking.
  9. Ohhh nice Info, now put all my effort to win Lords of Overclocking, I hope got this year again!
  10. Como diria Vin Diesel, Win is WIN! Mix las reglas estaban bien, Si uds hicieron el score despues de que la competencia termino no es justo abrilo para que se suba el score. La competencia Finaliza con los ganadores que son Luque para SuperPi 32M y MIX para unigine heaven. Felicitaciones a los 2 ganadores. Por favor enviar los datos de uds o alos que uds les quieren ceder las entradas a modding@campus-party.com.co
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