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  1. You can use the following settings in the Extreme Tweaker Menu: AVX Related Controls AVX2 Ratio Offset to per-core Ratio Limit -> User Specify AVX2 Ratio Offset Value = 3 AVX512 Ratio Offset to per-core Ratio Limit -> User Specify AVX512 Ratio Offset Value = 3 CPU Core Ratio -> By Core Usage 1-Core Ratio limit = 54 2-Core Ratio limit = 54 3-Core Ratio limit = 54 (up to 3 active cores it will run 5.4G) 4-Core Ratio limit = 53 5-Core Ratio limit = 53 6-Core Ratio limit = 53 7-Core Ratio limit = 53 (up to 7 active cores it will run 5.3G) 8-Core Ratio limit = 51 (if 8 active cores then runs 5.1G) Specific Core -> set the cores that are good enough for 5.4G to 54X and all others to 53X or lower depending on their capability Note that for AVX offsets on Rocket Lake it's a bit different than previous platform. When AVX is detected, it will drop the ratio on per core basis and not all core. For example, if 3 cores are active the ratio will be 54X for those cores. When AVX is detected, it will drop it to 51X. On previous platforms AVX offset was always based on the all core ratio (so 51X-3X=48X)
  2. Haha, true HWBOT spirit: find an obscure chip to dominate the leaderboard. Love it! 😁
  3. Before hwbot was hwbot, it was called "mbot". This was Frederik's school project. Forum users could report their overclocking result in a forum thread and the "mbot" would update the opening post with the rankings. It would also show the results from other forums. The first Mbot submission should be in April 2004. Frederik used his "home" forum to set up the Mbot test thread http://www.madshrimps.be/vbulletin/f14/mbot-test-thread-4716/. Some forums still have the original thread up as well. For example the Portuguese forum Zwame still has the original forum thread with submissions from May 2004 https://forum.zwame.pt/threads/hwbot-3dmark01-ranking.36163/. Frederik registered the hwbot.org domain name in June 2005 http://www.madshrimps.be/vbulletin/f10/mbot-hwbot-launches-hwbot-org-15601/. Key features of the first site were: browse results, watch how other teams are doing, and edit bot settings. Later on you could also create an HWBOT account and link your forum accounts to your hwbot account. Then you'd automatically have access to all the scores you posted in the different forums and update information. One year in, the site had 2500 users and about 10000 results http://www.madshrimps.be/vbulletin/f10/mbot-hwbot-launches-hwbot-org-15601/#post127977 I don't remember exactly what happened in March 2006, but if I recall correctly HWBOT moved to a different database model and the original submission dates were not imported in the new database. All the scores submitted prior to this day would have the same date in the database. That's why you'll find a lot of old submissions around March. Submission IDs don't necessarily reflect their date of submission. TLDR: around April 27, 2004
  4. Cheers guys! I guess the urge is still there to sometimes go LN2 instead
  5. I've been running Benchmate lately, great tool. I notice that for SuperPI the Finish dialogue window will not automatically close unless you click 'OK'. If you don't, there will be multiple windows. Is this expected behavior?
  6. Merry Christmas and best of wishes for 2020 to you all! 🥳 🥳 🥳
  7. Albrecht is one of the few people I can call a close friend in overclocking. Absolute legend of a human being, rock solid character and always a team player. Couldn't be praised enough! Beers on me when we see each other! 🍻 (found a picture from when we got 2nd on the Gigabyte tweaking event many many many kilograms years ago) (
  8. I think those rankings were using the old API functionality. I'm not sure those work anymore.
  9. Thanks Matt. To be honest though, it was mainly Hicookie doing the benching. I just showed up with the water blocks :)
  10. Power draw is about ~780W under these conditions, so it's normal the temperature will go up. TjMax for W3175X is 110C, so it's still within spec.
  11. EK-Velocity WS testing. Chiller no need, delid no need ... Thanks Hicookie for the help :)
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