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  1. Downloading Now, will update results coming from a21, A21 seems a fair bit better for mem training than a0501, but was also able to run trcfrd 15 on a0501 and cant on a21
  2. There are a lot of 6700k overclocking guides that you can use to get the jist of it, there are some "OK" (very very simple) guides to 6700k oc on youtube, If you can find one on an Asus motherboard most of the settings should be nearly identical, as far as your cooler, if your temps go above 80 deg c its getting to the point of 2 hot, I would try to keep your vcore BELOW 1.35, but to change your voltage on asus boards you must set it to manual, offset or adaptive, I prefer offset, try to set your load line calibration around lvl 2-4, and keep your memory XMP profile off, load 2133 ram setting
  3. I think that the best thing to do would be to wait a few weeks until you had the cash in hand to buy a k series CPU, That or go with a Xenon build that can be had for rather cheap, you would b limited to the same type of bclk overclocking on that system, the problem with going the old Xenon route is depending on what board you pick you are loosing a lot of features, if that doesnt matter to you the Xenon route is the route i would take, it's what i almost did until i ordered my 7700k
  4. On Asus m8AH 1.312 volts 51/46 1.125 volts /3600 4 sticks 1.35 volts, 100% stable threw Blenders benchmark test run that lasts just over an hour with the lid still on, still waiting on my thermal Grizzly to delid, Also on my bios chip for my Z170OC, But im still tweaking and tuning I think im gunna end up somewhere around 5.3-5.4 after delid and more voltage (at least hoping)
  5. I am using a test blend from Blenders website to test stability it renders a scene from "gooseberry", it takes about 30-40 min to complete and will almost fully use 16gb of ram, seems to run my CPU hotter then OCCT by a few deg and will fail where OCCT will pass. I always like testing with real world apps, Good luck to you flanker, finger crossed you get a good chip!
  6. So I have the chip up and running on my Asus Max viii alpha, currently at 5.2ghz at 1.34 volts under a custom water loop, temps around 65 deg with OCCT lid still intact, 52 multi/46 IMC/ 3600 mem
  7. Just received my 7700k from Amazon.com I got batch L639f982, Will keep you all updated with results once I receive my new bios chip from AsRock so the Z170oc supports the cpu (no 6700k to flash it my Asus board decided to eat it.....) Btw, flanker nice to still see you around, this is Firedragonxs from the old xtremesystems forums
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