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  1. I would like to say thanks to all you People's that have donate and help me White the lost og buying at dimastech, om you all greatfull for that and om very impresed of the support om the last 1 1/2 year. Thank you And i never ment not to thank you folks, i Got CPU from GENIEBEN Yesterday, and today is the day for me to thank you all 😊 Peace
  2. Rosty


    Update.. Still no money back from the order i never got 1 year and 7 month ago.. 800 EUR
  3. Rosty


    I'm still waiting for my money Mr. Andrea....?
  4. Rosty


    Yes.. I still dont have the money, not so funny aprils fool he made there.
  5. Rosty


    I dont have recieved my 800 EUR yet
  6. Rosty


    Still waiting for my 800 EUR and still no respons from dimastech on mail... But dimastech still going "strong" on webshop and so on....
  7. Rosty


    I'm waiting for my last 800 Eur i was promised to get back in december, 800 Eur of 2000 Eur i paid for 1 year 3 month ago, for a product i never got.. and Dimastech just go silent again
  8. Rosty


    i still wating for my 800eur from my order in october 2014, an order i never got
  9. Rosty


    I have receive 1200 eur of my 2000 eur, and he promised me the last 800 eur in end of October, I dont have got the last 800 eur yet.. I mail and he answer 9 November that he hope to solve the problem in 10 days, havn't heard from him since..
  10. Rosty


    No i have not got my money refund, he dont answer mail....
  11. Rosty


    and still no hearing from Dimastech aka. Andrea, and i have not get my money back, and he's not answer mail.. so nothing changes since this thread started, just a lot of BS from Andrea here, like the 10 month of mail with him..
  12. Rosty


    no i dont have the money refund... just something he write her.. so im still waiting.. and no answer on mail
  13. Rosty


    When do you refund my money ? the 27 of may was the first time you promised me that, i haven't seen the money yet ? after the 27 of may i mail you about that i dont have the money, then you mail that now its all fixe, that was 3 of june..
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