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  1. Hello, I know I am late to the party, but I've got an Asus Z170-P with 6500 on it, and I'd like to try overclocking. This thing is updated to the latest 3301 BIOS from 2017/03/02, with Intel microcode updates. As far as I understand ME updates are still in the BIOS itself? Obviously I can't downgrade this version to the non-K modified BIOS, but I've bought a non-K 8001 flashed BIOS chip on Ebay and the seller was kind enough to test it for me on his own system. Now my problem is that my PC doesn't POST with the new chip installed, I've tried resetting CMOS by jumper/battery removal, starting with only iGPU, but my system just spins fans, HDD and MB led lights, monitor stays black. Any help, please?
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