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  1. I'd suggest to try going back to a bios version from around the launch, as sometimes things related to ln2 benching breaks later on and is usually not retested. Also the TR4 socket is problematic on ln2 and pins easily lose contact resulting in memory issues or worse. Slow mode does not help with cold issues. Do you get stuck at any specific post code when trying to boot at below -50?
  2. elmor

    eVc ordering

    Great In case you missed it, I post most updates regarding firmware, software and device support over here: https://www.elmorlabs.com/index.php/forum/
  3. elmor

    eVc ordering

    UG/GB numbers are solved, the factory has provided new tracking numbers that works. Probably the same for you @1whiteshark1, should have an update by tomorrow.
  4. elmor

    eVc ordering

    Seems the ones that can't be tracked are UGxxxxxxxxxGB numbers. I'm looking into how to find those.
  5. elmor

    eVc ordering

    I need to get in contact with "Neal O'Brien" regarding his order, missing a phone number for DHL shipping. Hopefully he reads here Good it got sorted, after removing the button from the "Cart" page I hope no one else will have this issue. Your order was shipped out today.
  6. Glad to It's terrible and everyone should know it, almost didn't upload it
  7. Just a good chip, shows what's possible. I'd expect higher soon
  8. elmor

    eVc ordering

    Does anyone have a screenshot of this? The billing phone number should be ordered before entering the Paypal portal. Is it because of a mismatch in order billing information and paypal billing information? edit: Seems to be related to directly checking out with Paypal from the "Cart" page, this option is removed now.
  9. elmor

    eVc ordering

    Hmm not sure why that is. Anyone else had issues? One option could also be to create an account before placing the order, any captcha requirement should be removed after logging in.
  10. elmor

    eVc ordering

    Many other orders have been processed ok so probably an issue on your side, or a temporary error. Possibly try from a different client/network. If it can't be solved, you can choose the bank transfer option and do a custom Paypal transfer. That would be a last resort as it's more troublesome for me to process it manually.
  11. elmor

    eVc ordering

    All orders have been shipped either yesterday or today, except for 3 using DHL which did not specify a phone number. DHL requires it, I've contacted those affected and their orders will ship as soon as it's provided. I wasn't aware of this so entering a phone number wasn't required at the time. Also sorting out the tracking numbers and will forward them asap.
  12. elmor

    eVc ordering

    It's shipped directly from the factory in Shenzhen. I hope there won't be any issues, if there still is I'll do my best to try to help you solve it.
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