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  1. Nice, didn't see this New version: https://www.elmorlabs.com/index.php/product/p80db2-lpc-debug-card/
  2. Thank you for sharing your results The droop you see should be mostly due to the output sense location which is near C20. It could maybe be improved in a future version. What would you want to do with a 2-3 phase version?
  3. My procedure for installing Windows XP on M12A, derived from previous work Firahelper for Z490: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Atmpv-6qHr_6vcIGjGDDdVQjURrIcA?e=JTDLyq Then the ISO needs to be modified: Extract your ISO using 7-zip to a temporary folder and go to the “i386” subfolder Replace “ACPI.SY_” and “SYSSETUP.DL_” with the files from “Z390 Files.zip”: Extract DRIVERS.CAB and SP3.CAB using 7-zip Replace “acpi.sys” in those folders (if it exists, may be missing in SP3.CAB) with the file from “Z390 Files.zip” Re-package the “DRIVERS” and “SP3” folders
  4. With a few adjustments, this also works well for an upcoming Intel platform. I'll publish more details when it's not under NDA. The Intel AHCI driver seems to work well by just adding the new device id. Great work from @antome finding that the AMD XHCI driver for Windows XP also works on new Intel controllers
  5. Someone could try this: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Atmpv-6qHr_6g94Oj4zXRtYE51Ti5g?e=eDagy0 Might need to re-install the driver if it doesn't work
  6. I think on most platforms the ME is stored in a specific region on the BIOS chip, and a normal BIOS update using EZFlash or AFUDOS would just not update that area. Flashing through software (which usually uses the PCH interface) may have checks for version numbers to prevent downgrades. Using an external tool should always work as far as I know, with the only issue being losing the MAC address which is also stored on the BIOS chip. It may be possible to restore it if you made a backup, not sure. I think using an external flasher would have a very high chance of working. Inserting i
  7. I'd suggest to try going back to a bios version from around the launch, as sometimes things related to ln2 benching breaks later on and is usually not retested. Also the TR4 socket is problematic on ln2 and pins easily lose contact resulting in memory issues or worse. Slow mode does not help with cold issues. Do you get stuck at any specific post code when trying to boot at below -50?
  8. elmor

    eVc ordering

    Great In case you missed it, I post most updates regarding firmware, software and device support over here: https://www.elmorlabs.com/index.php/forum/
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