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  1. Omega-man

    Please add HW

    Please add some HW ASRock PV530-ITX (motherboard) https://www.asrock.com/MB/VIA/PV530-ITX/index.asp Biostar 945gc-m4 (motherboard) https://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=440 Cirrus logic cl-gd5401-42qc-b (videocard) http://hw.fagear.ru/cirrus-logic-cl-gd5401-42qc-b-jaton-jax8223/ Trident tvga 9000b (videocard) http://www.vgamuseum.info/index.php/cpu/item/437-trident-tvga9000b
  2. Omega-man

    Please add HW

    Up. 1) VIA Luke CoreFusion 800 Processor (Nehemiah/C5P BGA841) 2) VIA EPIA EK8000EG motherboard These are BGA841 (841-ball Ball Grid Array with Heat Spreader (HSBGA), not socket370.
  3. I have the same motherboard right now, It's d3501-60002 from HP VECTRA VE4/66 desktop pc. and only one thing that I can say it's very poor for OCing. Still I don't understand how he could beat my Abit BE6 in SuperPI with only 16Mb and one jumper to operate) without DX4 processor. Mysterious.😉
  4. Omega-man

    Please add HW

    Thx! Here are the new ones^ 1) VIA Luke CoreFusion 800 Processor (Nehemiah/C5P BGA841) 2) VIA EPIA EK8000EG motherboard https://valid.x86.fr/is8bu7 http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Luke_CoreFusion/VIA-Luke CoreFusion 800MHz.html https://www.cnet.com/products/via-epia-ek8000eg-motherboard-mini-itx-via-luke-corefusion/
  5. Omega-man

    Please add HW

    Hi! Please add some mobos: 1) Asus P5GD1-HVM https://valid.x86.fr/jx86mw 2) Intel D845GLVA https://valid.x86.fr/5v2qg5
  6. Omega-man

    Please add HW

    Understood. Thx man!
  7. Omega-man

    Please add HW

    I know, but they're "Unknown" in Mainboard window. Is it the only way to validate? Manli m-kt133ab/x https://valid.x86.fr/knygb7 VIA C3VCM6 https://valid.x86.fr/uj580f
  8. Omega-man

    Please add HW

    Please add some HW, thx! VIA EPIA-PD10000 LVDS, rev:B https://www.viatech.com/en/support/eol/epia-pd-series-eol/ VIA C3VCM6 rev: 1.0 (can't find correct link so .pdf manual only) https://rimmer.home.xs4all.nl/C3VCM6.pdf Manli m-kt133ab/x http://xardtest.ru/motherboards/Athlon/KT133ABX.php
  9. Hello everyone. Very interesting submission indeed http://hwbot.org/submission/2224197_michu_superpi___1m_am486dx2_66_55min_46sec_952ms Is it normal that DX4 cpu persist in DX2-submission? As i know am486dx2-66 can't run on 3x multiplier, it's hardwired on 2x without any chance to change.
  10. Please, add some new old stuff: ECS Elitegroup Photon AF-1 https://valid.x86.fr/kjufvp http://www.motherboard.cz/mb/ecs/AF1V10.htm PCPartner 815epbas3-t203ca http://support.pcpartner.com/products/old-intel/DM-T203CA.htm Cirrus Logic CL-GD5440-j-qc-b http://old.vgamuseum.info/benchmarks/491-cirrus-logic-cl-gd5440.html Thanks a lot!
  11. Please, add this motherboard to the database - TRANSCEND AKT4 https://valid.x86.fr/nyq1jg
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