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  1. I got another batch to list here 3146A970 This one does 5900MHz no problem at all: http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2364524_
  2. You did notice that your score was 5.406 seconds? Other than that... Good fun you had in Breda!
  3. well, i bought this from a guy who tested it up to 58x, but he didn't have the capabilities to cool it properly. So he decided to sell it
  4. xp sp3 on 32m is worse atm... but still lots more to test, I'm sure i'm still missing something.
  5. You are aware that you are required to run Wprime v1.55 for HWBot instead of Wprime v2.00?!
  6. Should I point out that you put this onder the wrong benchmark results?
  7. Kijk, daar zitten punten in. Stel je voor dat we deze beter hadden getweakt!
  8. Very frustrating, this one.... i've now hit this one twice, as well as that i've hit 1111,113 twice
  9. Yeah, this one is real hard, but it appears the engine will only let you upload scores of exactly 1111,11, and not something real close to it :? I'll keep it going though! misread, not above 1111,11!
  10. Nah, ik werd zo hard gek van die processor! Hij kan wel harder, maar dat krijg ik voor deze bench gewoon niet stabiel, maar ik ga het later nog eens proberen hoor
  11. Heh, was gewoon vergeten hoe goed die efficiƫntie was! Echt een nette score!
  12. inderdaad, ik werd het een beetje zat, dat er geen leuke scores uit kwamen rollen.
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