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  1. Im testing it out on windows 7, i did try compatibility mode, but it was a no go. any idea whats wrong? same goes for 3dmark 2000.
  2. Hey guys, I was searching around the forums, could not find anything related to the topic. So when i try running 3dmark99, i get an error telling me to use directX 6.1 or later. I do have directX installed. when i go to adding the .dll file that is within the .zip file i get a different error. something with an error in hex.
  3. You've got this in the wrong section... This is a desktop graphics card. This section is for the Mobility Radeon 4870 ...
  4. A few of the members at HWBOT were submitting the scores when we noticed that the graphics cards we are submitting to is Mobility Radeon HD 4870X2.


    The crossfireX 5870's dont have the X2 at the end which makes them able to submit both single and daul card runs.


    As for the 4870's its 1 X 4870X2, and 2X 4870X2, as the second is impossible because it would mean having 4 cards.


    If it were possible could you rename it to Mobility Radeon HD 4870, instead of Mobility Radeon HD 4870X2.



    Thank you!

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