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  1. LOL Thanks! Ya, That kid is REALLY getting on my nerves reporting EVERY submission "better" than his. He's listed as being a part of OCN's team; am thinking of shooting over there and letting them know what he's up to. I know they don't want people like that, nor do they need the bad rep.
  2. Start a thread about him on the forum..I did. http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?p=324618 Let me know and I'll gladly share my exp with him doing the same thing.
  3. No of course he's not... he's going around reporting everyone who is ranked above him. Punk trolls like that should be removed from the site.
  4. I know your "new"; but be careful about reporting other OCer's without valid cause other than the fact that you are unable to top their scores. But... because you have complained about my previous submission being "liquid cooled" (no joke) . I have decided to post an "OEM" clocked i7 (Haswell) and "mild" clocked GPUs which added an additional 3k points. -THANX! Result being reported: http://hwbot.org/submission/2567136_mrinfinit3_3dmark___sky_diver_2x_geforce_gtx_770_28655_marks New/Updated result: http://hwbot.org/submission/2597217_
  5. Your awesome bro, thanx again
  6. Also the supporting boards by Asus: -KCMR-D12 -KCMA-D8 Considering the substantial price reduction on these server/workstation boards I feel we may see more C32 based submissions.
  7. Yes, mainly the 4100's please.
  8. Could we get these cpu's added to the database please? Have a ton of results to post and these are showing/posting as the FX-4100.
  9. Holy %^&$ that's a lot of cooling for just the cpu+vrm LOVE IT! Did u actually use the chiller this round? What's the cooling wattage on it and is it actually effective in conjunction with the rads? Just bricked my X-hair V; waiting on RMA then Ill see how my new chiller works.
  10. Oh and thank you for posting a strait up result and not "mip-mapping" out like the pinnoy guy below u
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