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  1. he balls are broken for those who have them
  2. look at 2d-cpu bench. and let's see who scams? I broke my balls
  3. here nobody cries o.k? abolish all the leagues and do just one
  4. how do I get points with cine 15 with h2o cooling
  5. we need to change the assignment of global points. as it can be used for normal cooling compete with elite and extreme ?
  6. as always, enthusiastic league is penalized
  7. NATA 58

    is hwbot.org down?

    you can use this to enter https://uat.hwbot.org
  8. NATA 58

    is hwbot.org down?

    it's from 12 h that does not work
  9. NATA 58

    HWBOT does not work?

    It's this morning that gives me this error
  10. xtu is a test that I never liked
  11. I only hope that users with normal cooling are not penalized yet