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  1. 1920x 1080 screen it is difficult to get a screenshot so
  2. he file must be saved for the submission. I tried them all but nothing to do
  3. n my working life I used so much LN2 that now I don't want to know anymore

  4. if the situation remains so there is no more fun for us
  5. what do you mean we should get out of hwbot? hwbot without enthusiasts is dead
  6. We try to put tests where enthusiasts can compete.
  7. I can't save the validation fileCINEBENCH_R23.2_CPU_17618.json
  8. are you talking nonsense solo. one in life does what it wants. and you can not say no one what must rate. to think of your c ....
  9. because people have to go to the extreme? 'cause you say so?I want to remain enthusiastic throughout life
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