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  1. https://hwbot.org/submission/4077890_nata_58_hwbot_prime_30min_core_i7_8700k_15623389_points

    why did you cancel this submission? all results are invalid delete all not just mine. have you got something against me?


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    2. Leeghoofd


      Nope hwbot prime 30mins will be removed in general, just showing the programmer where to look.

      Your name just popped up first in my search query 🙂

    3. NATA 58
    4. NATA 58
  2. on win 10 it works fine. i tried win7 ultimate and win 7 pro but nothing
  3. Thanks for the reply. i tried hdmi and dp but it doesn't change. with vega 64 and rx 480 and it works fine
  4. after installing the amd drivers i find myself with the screen split in two what problem can that be? thank you
  5. catzilla. it is better than many bench 3d.
  6. no one managed the sli with gtx 5xx and lower with new soket.
  7. the new platforms lga 1200 - amd b550- x570 the sli is supported by video cards gtx 6xxand beyond
  8. thank very much. it's annoying to have all those reported
  9. Error message: org.apache.torque.NoRowsException: Failed to select a row. ok. I also understand I have the same problem
  10. what the hell does this do? he makes fun of us all please clear these results
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