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  1. Quick test of wife's cheap new "movie watching" laptop ;-)
  2. Dedicate this one to my new son, Sebastian born 28/11/2013! Maybe one day he'll have his own HWBOT account and follow in his dads footsteps. But no pressure ;-) Enjoy life and growing up my son xxx Dad
  3. Wow I sense a lot of frustration. If I would follow your reasoning I could state that it's not fair that certain persons get 'funded' by manufacturers or stores. As not everyone has that benefit, this also gives an unfair advantage, would it not? Yet as I've stated everyone plays this hobby as they want it. And yes I too get the advantage of being able to do some binning at a friendly store or borrow some of their hardware, for which I'm very grateful. But that doesn't make me want to disrespect those that don't have that luxury. You also don't seem to get my point. With such an attitude you would probably ban half of those that have ever entered a HWbot submission. In the end your frustration would lead to your own demise as you would end up with a very tiny club. Which would result not only in a loss of sponsorship by the manufacturers but in a loss of investment into overclocking related HW all together.
  4. Whatever the percentage, Schmuckley has a point. But aren't we missing out on the fact that this is a hobby. As with any hobby there are various degrees of how you experience your hobby. It depends on a lot of factors: Time: what gets left after work, homework, familytime Money: if you're a college student or already have a job Dedication: some can have a high level of addiction, for others it's more of a casual thing. Interest: some do it for fun, for the thrill of competition, to collect cups and medals, to collect points or pure interest in the HW and SW. The result is that you can't start labelling people. The community - which we may think is big, but compared to other hobbies (on a global scale) is peanuts - should therefore belong to everyone, whatever their main drive to overclock and irrespective of ones financial capabilities. Why would we take away the joy of someone getting their first gold cup with 2 points simply because he benched some obscure HW at stock settings? I'd say well done. One doesn't know how long that person had to search for that item, how much time it took him to save for a decent powersupply or an SSD. So who are we then to critisize that person and take away his joy. If there is no openness in all this, people will start to drop out. You'll end up with only a couple of fanatics and the entire community will eventually die out. These persons should realize that the major manufactures of HW don't care about them. If you think they do, think again. Yes there are always friendly employees at ASUS, Corsair, MSI, ... but in the end those guys have to report to their manager. And all they care about is sales (and if they don't, the shareholders will ;-) ). Thus the bigger the community, the longer it will last. So to all my fellow OC'ers I would say, have some respect for each other. Take a minute to try and see the world through a fellow OC'ers eyes, or think back how you got involved in OC'ing to start with ... It'll give you some much needed perspective.
  5. WTF they don't exist? Uni doesn't exist?? But,... but,... Noooo this can't be! WHY?!!! (thinks about ending his life)
  6. Is the database still in the progress of updating? I see some real weird things going on in the Xtreme OC League rankings. Last week I was ranked at around position 150, over the weekend I jumped to position 96 and today I'm at 482??? Same thing is happening to my teammates Leeghoofd and FunSkilZZ.
  7. Ticket ID: 1699 Priority: Low Maxtor is not present in the list of harddisk vendors. I\'m currently using a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 8 for my Socket A setup.
  8. Ticket ID: 1698 Priority: Medium Could it be that the Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo SU9600 CPU is not present in the database? If not could you add it? I\'d like to post some scores with this CPU which is part of a DELL Latitude E4200 laptop.\r\nIf need be I can supply a CPU-Z screeny.\r\nThx,\r\nPascal
  9. Damn, now I need to run 7 CPU's again. Still thanks for trying Chris.
  10. It's becomming more apparent why AMD isn't capable of delivering a CPU in the league of intel's offerings. On the other hand, it could just be a matter of planning. Not enough time/resources/funds to put some effort in this.
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