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  1. Your CPU is mt6589T , not a MT6589 ... no overclock 1508 MHz is original frequency in MT6589T ... visite xda
  2. ici : http://hwbot.org/submission/2169197_vipernet_3dmark03_radeon_hd_6450_gddr3_13794_marks et ici : http://hwbot.org/submission/2169200_vipernet_3dmark06_radeon_hd_6450_gddr3_4391_marks merci
  3. bonjour pouriez vous regarder les soumitions pour la HD 6450 GDDR3 svp ? si on regarde bien , on vois que tout les r├ęsultats d'un utilisateur sont impossible , ca fausse tout , je suis sur qu'un pc qui a un E6420@3500Mhz + 2GB de DDR2 ne peuvent pas faire mieux contre un pc qui a un core i5 2500K@5300Mhz mini + 4GB de DDR3 ... Merci
  4. Here are the temperatures that gives me the corsair cooling H50
  5. Sorry, I was but a 3492 MHz cpu-z my link is 3392 MHz, a small error in the bid: ( I do not know how to erase a moderator I just delet this quote please? thank you in advance:)
  6. very very good result , you got a score of the psychopath!! pity I changed socket
  7. hello:) yes it is a SSD corsair nova series V32GB2 it is not bad but there was frankly better ... I let you catch your first place, good luck;)
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