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  1. Kite

    EVGA GTX 1080 FTW

    I'm looking for a that particular card, if possible with the original box. Bonus points if it can do 2100MHz.
  2. I'm looking for that particular board, and if possible, with the original box. Much appreciated!
  3. Kite

    4.8GHz 6700K

    That is awesome. How much for it?
  4. Kite

    4.8GHz 6700K

    X264 encoding.
  5. Kite

    2.1GHz 1080

    Looking for a 2.1GHz 1080.
  6. Kite

    4.8GHz 6700K

    Looking for a 4.8GHz 6700K.
  7. Kite

    6700K and 1080

    I'm looking for a 6700K that can do either 4.8GHz or 5.0GHz and a 1080 that can do 2.1GHz or 2.2GHz. Thank you very much!
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