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  1. hi ya. i was wondering if multiple accounts were allowed. only reason i ask this is because of the following being posted in the news page. many thanx Comment from AOT (HwProject.net Italy OC Team) - link Time: 11-Feb-2010 count me in, pieter! Comment from Iron (HwProject.net Italy OC Team) - link Time: 11-Feb-2010 uops, I posted with the wrong account
  2. if your a tech who can get away with benching on something like that, then fair game. you could allways be the owner of a data centre and try doing a cell bench of a full server rack.....
  3. http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=696265 http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=674993
  4. points wernt active when i first started using hwbot in 05
  5. but hwbot started as a hardware comparison site, not as a competition site...
  6. because yes need 70% to win. if it were 30.01% then it wouldent be clear
  7. the base princable of hwbot is free benchmarks. all previous benches work on software that people allready have. to run this new benchmark, you have to have a os which many people refuse to buy just to benchmark with it. if vantage worked with xp people whouldnt have kicked up any fuss about paying for it, and if it had been free, but vista only, again people wouldent moan about it, but as it is, its a major change to the base princables, and also means a change to the foundation that hwbot was founded up, free softwar for all to bench and compete with and have some fun, as it is, its turning into a nasty the richest will win competition, with people no longer helping each other out to gain that little extra from there pc's.
  8. there should really have been a "yes id like to see boints, but should be Free" vote to add to the no votes, that way it makes it more of a even poll, because as it is, you have 3 ways to vote yes, but only one to say no, so the outcome is gonna look biased.
  9. oh, better start checking the guru 3d teams scores then, most of them are using physics drivers to improve there score.
  10. but, isnt hwbot driver version free? so there is allready a bias.....
  11. Not a free bench, restrictive usage. only people who will win in this bench are thoes with unlimited funds. plus it has unfair driver advantages.
  12. A second point that hasnt really been bought up is thats its vista only... a lot of people still dont use vista.
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